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Media and Outreach Workshop

A one day workshop organized by the Program Office in collaboration with the Media and Outreach Department was conducted at the TRC on Thursday March 22nd 2007, for County Coordinators and their Assistants. The theme of the workshop was Outreach Strategies, and it was meant to introduce interim strategies for outreach in the TRC process which will be less cost effective.

The workshop which was facilitated by in-house staff included topic such as:

- An Overview of the TRC outreach and key messages presented by the Media Director Juliane Westphel

- TRC County Coordinating Team presented by Mr. Ezekiel B. Freeman

- Community Awareness and Sensitization presented by Mr. Gabi Azzam

- Mobilization presented by Mr. Gabriel Coleman

- The TRC Hearings Process presented by Mr. Samuel Toe

- Group Dynamics presented by Mr. Sheikh M.A Swaray

- Present Status of Statement Taking presented by Mrs. Cecelia Freeman Bull

The workshop was interactive. Participants, who are very experienced in the field, brought a lot of brilliant outreach strategies which were added to those presented to them. At the end of the day, everybody was satisfied with the achievements of the workshop.

The Director of Programs and the Chairman of the TRC expressed satisfaction with the workshop and encouraged the county coordinators and their assistants to exercise persistence as the process is currently undergoing thorough restructuring and that come April-May, full scale program work will resume at the Commission.

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