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Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights Visit TRC Liberia

A four man delegation from the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, a pro bono group of lawyers based in the United States of America and representing the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) of Liberia, is visiting the Country for one week to get a practical insight of the TRC process.

The delegation which is headed by the Executive Director of the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, Robin Phillips has been holding meetings with partners in the TRC process which include Samuel Kofi Woods, Minister of Labor, Tiawon Gongolo, the Solicitor General of Liberia, Raphael Abiem, UNMIL Human Rights section, and the EU technical assistance experts. At the TRC, the Diaspora representatives had several meetings with Commissioners and staff members.

In the meetings, the Executive Director of the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, Ms. Robin Phillips, descibed the way her organization is supporting the TRC through voluntary services and material resources to make sure that the Liberian TRC does not have any financial obligations in the diaspora programme. The group has started taking statements through a pilot project in Minnesota and will extend the programme to other towns shortly. They reported that the Liberian community in the US is showing great interest in the TRC process and that a lot of Liberians living in the US are grateful for the opportunity to take part in it.

The delegation of the Minnesota Advocates has come to Liberia to better understand the practical field work of the Commission. As part of the team indepth study of the TRC process, they visited several Counties in which statement taking is ongoing. The Diaspora Team was led on its tour of the Counties by Commissioner Massa A. Washington, head of the TRC Diaspora Committee.

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