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Training for Journalists Reporting on the TRC

The International Media Support (IMS), the Liberian Media Centre (LMC) and the International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) conducted a training for editors and reporters in cooperation with the TRC. This is to ensure that reporting on TRC activities will enhance the process.

The programme started with a one day meeting with editors of media institutions on January 26 at ECOWAS Headquarters, and continued the following week with a three day training each for two groups of reporters, conducted by two international trainers, Lars M?ller from Denmark and David Tam-Baryoh from Sierra Leone at the University of Liberia.

Participants got a clear idea about the aims, structure and process of the Liberian TRC and were encouraged to do an accurate, responsible and balanced media coverage of the TRC process.

The training will be followed by a three months group reporting exercise. LMC and the regional consultant will engage and coach the participants in the actual coverage of the TRC process over a three months period. It will include news, feature and background reports on various issues such as children, women and other witnesses needing special treatment appearing before the TRC.

Meanwhile local trainers will train journalists in the Counties.

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