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TRC Launches New Website

Interactive website brings cutting-edge new media to Liberia's truth and reconciliation process.

Dear fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia ,

As part of the ongoing work of Liberia 's Truth and Reconciliation Commission I am delighted to direct you to our new, interactive, and expanded website at:


At our new website you can

* Read information from the Commission, watch hearing videos, and follow TRC activities;

* Confidentially offer your formal statement to the Commission or request an in-person statement taking;

* Engage in public discussion fora, contribute photos and memorial materials, and actively participate in Liberia 's truth and reconciliation process.

I invite you to participate, interact, and offer us your input and opinion.

This expanded website is the outcome of an international collaboration aimed to advance the truth and reconciliation process through the use of new media technologies. Technical contributions have been provided by the Georgia Institute of Technology with support from the MacArthur Foundation; we are eternally grateful to both.

With kind regards,

Cllr. J J Verdier


TRC of Liberia

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This had been the official website of the Liberian TRC. The Commission ended operation
in 2010. This website is maintained by the Georgia Institute of Technology.