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Position: Economic Crimes Consultant to the Liberian Truth & Reconciliation Commission
Duration: 3 months, beginning date TBD
Salary: TBD by sponsor ICTJ
Application deadline: August 7, 2008
Submit application: Executive Secretary at (please also cc

The Liberian Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) is Liberia's key transitional justice mechanism. It was established under the TRC Act of 2005 to promote peace, security, unity and reconciliation among the people of Liberia.

The TRC is mandated to create an independent, accurate and objective e account of Liberia's conflict or "crisis period" from January 1979 to October 2003. More specifically, the TRC is enjoined to focus on the causes, nature, patterns and impact of human rights violations and abuses that occurred during this period. It is also charged with identifying the most important antecedents to the crisis by reviewing Liberia's history before 1979.

In accordance with Article IV, Section 4 of the TRC Act, one of the principal objectives of the TRC is to investigate of economic crimes, such as exploitation of natural or public resources. In partnership with the International Center for Transitional Justice, the Liberian TRC will be hiring an economic crimes consultant to further this objective. For more information visit

General Description of the Assignment:

The general purpose of this assignment will be to provide mentoring, training and policy advice in regard to investigating and prosecuting economic crimes within the scope of the TRC's mandate.

The TRC envisions that the consultancy will operate in phases, with an initial period focused on reviewing the TRC's policies and guidelines on economic crimes, followed by a period of analysis, reporting and advice to the TRC its work going forward. Analysis will include both data analysis of information that has already been gathered by the TRC, and independent primary research. The consultant's advice should reflect both the specific circumstances within Liberia and international approaches to the issue of economic crimes. If necessary, full investigative efforts may require the consultant to travel.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

i.Within one week (6 working days) of commencement of duties, submit a Proposed Management Work Plan outlining the activities that will be conducted over the three (3) month period of employment, and including a tentative schedule for activities.
ii.Review the Guidelines for economic crimes investigation.
iii.Consult with the Economic Crimes Division staff and Commissioners and assess the TRC's approach to investigations of economic crimes, and provide feedback on how the process might be effectively improved.
iv.Train and menot Economic Crimes Division.
v.Work with the Head of Inquiry and the Inquiry Consultant to coordinate efforts between the Inquiry and Economic Crimes Division.
vi.Act as an advisor to the Chairman and Commissioners of the TRC on issues relevant to economic crimes. In particular, the consultant will be asked to report on existing Liberian and international policies for dealing with economic crimes and make reocmmendatoins regarding possible policy options within Liberia.
vii.Advise the Commission on how best to promote effective prosecution of economic crimes, and ensure that the TRC's expectations regarding prosepective implementation of its recommendations on economic crimes remain realistic.
viii.Research and advise on the feasibility of contributing to a Reparations Trust Fund through legal judgments against economic criminals.
ix.Provide a final report including analysis and recommendations to the TRC, as well as an assessment of whether the economic crimes consultancy should be extended.

Qualifications Required:
i.Graduate degree or higher in a relevant field of study (economics, law, business, etc.)
ii. Minimum 3-5 years experience in investigative research
iii.Good knowledge of the politics, economics, history and culture of Liberia and the sub-region
iv.Ability to work with and oversee the work of others; must be able to serve as an effective facilitator; demonstrative ability to coordinate and lead staff
v.Strong interpersonal/communications skills.

The TRC is an equal opportunity employer and seeks, in particular, to achieve gender balance in its recruitment of new staff. Females are encouraged to apply.

Applications should include a CV and cover letter and should be submitted by email to the Executive Secretary at (please also cc

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