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Voices From The Lutheran Massacre: "I Saw Doe, George Dweh & Others In The Pulpit..."

The special commemoration program for victims of the July 29, 1990 St. Peter's Lutheran Church Massacre continue Thursday with a survivor claiming that he spotted President Samuel Kanyon Doe and former Transitional Speaker George Dweh in the pulpit of the church after soldiers recessed during the killings.

"I swear to God and upon anything, I saw President Doe, George Dweh and other top brass I could not recognized sitting amongst the dead bodies in the pulpit after the soldiers carried out the first round of killings and ceasefire briefly to refill their guns," Peterson Sonjah, a survivor who lost his father during the massacre said.

He said during the killings Doe, Dweh and their entourage of assailants, chanted slogans as the soldiers continue their onslaught on the refugees. He said the soldiers jubilated in their ethnic Krahn language as they combed the entire compound for survivors.

Peterson explained that when the soldiers ran out of ammunitions they left others behind who stabbed the chopped their victims with bayonets and cutlasses as they awaited more ammunition.

"After the ammunition came the soldiers resume the firing at us until there was almost silence in this compound. All you could hear at that point were the cries of the wounded. There was blood flowing all over this place," he said.

The witness explained that the soldiers dumped scores of wounded survivors of the massacre in a well at the back of the church, adding that the entire compound was surrounded by the soldiers.

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