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Man Ate Boiled Cassava With Cooked Human Flesh...Witness Explains Uncle's Ordeal

Yassah Koweh, 30, said the fighters who were based in the town of Gbondoi, Grand Cape Mount County arrested her uncle (name not mentioned) and ordered him to cook and eat the flesh of a man who was summarily executed.

Under gunpoint, Yassah explained, the fighters watched her uncle as he cooked the cassava and human flesh. She said he was later forced to eat the meal.

She said the commander, only named Raconi and his men used to eat human heart during their occupation of the area. The witness explained that the fighters extracted the hearts of their victims after they were executed and cooked them for meal.

She said on several occasions, the commander and his men offered her and her mother cook human hearts for meal.

"Because food business was hard and they thought we were hungry, Raconi and his boys used to sent my mother some of the cook human heart for us to eat," she said.

Yassah said when the fighter delivering the meal left their presence, they usually concealed the food and dumped it.

She said because of the cannibalism her uncle was forced to engage in, he now lives in a village in Grand Cape Mount County where he is critically ill now having protruded stomach.

The TRC is an independent body set up to investigate the root causes of the Liberian crisis, document human rights violations, review the history of Liberia, and put all human rights abuses that occurred during the period from 1979 to 2003 on record. The TRC mandate is to also identify victims and perpetrators and make recommendations on amnesty, prosecution and reparation.

The hearings in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County which marked the end of the commission's Public Hearings in the 15 political sub-divisions of Liberia was held under the theme: "Confronting Our Difficult Past, For A Better Future."

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