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DURATION: 6 months

Report to: Chairman and Commissioners

Opening Date: April 25, 2008

The Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) is Liberia's key transitional justice mechanism. It was established under the TRC Act of 2005 to promote peace, security, unity and reconciliation among the people of Liberia.

The TRC is mandated to create an independent, accurate and objective account of Liberia's conflict or "crisis period" between January 1979 and October 2003. More specifically the TRC is enjoined to focus on the causes, nature, patterns and impact of human rights violations and abuses that occurred during this period. It is also charged with identifying the most important antecedents to the crisis by reviewing Liberia's history before 1979.

Much of the work to fulfill this mandate entails historical fact-finding, which is the main responsibility of the TRC Inquiry Unit. The TRC Inquiry Consultant/Expert assumes responsibility to advise the Commission and assist the Director of the Unit in shaping, leading and managing the implementation of the TRC's overall Inquiry Strategy, under the supervision of the Chairman and Commissioners of the TRC.


?Lend professional and hands-on support to the Commission through direct advice and assistance including supporting the Director /Head of the Inquiry Unit , and advise such person in all matters of the entire TRC inquiry process, including all investigations, research, hearings, reporting and related work of the TRC.

?In particular, act as an advisor to the Chairman and Commissioners of the TRC on all matters related to the inquiry process, including but not limited to procedures for accessing and protecting high profile witnesses and sound practices to maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality and integrity of the process and information gathered.

?Assist the Head of Inquiry Unit and advise the Commission; develop and manage a comprehensive inquiry(research & investigation) and policy agenda; structure and format of the inquiry process to provide expert advice to Commissioners in respect to their oversight of thematic issues; to the Head and staff of the Inquiry Unit in inquiry subject development and methodology;

?Advice and assist the TRC in all matters of the TRC hearings.

?Assist the Commission in finalizing and / or supplementing its research and investigation agenda, with broader expert evaluation of available evidence, advice and analysis to address issues specific to the dictates of the mandate of the TRC;

?Assist the Director of Inquiry in undertaking review of the Inquiry Unit, to include an appraisal and evaluation of existing Inquiry Officers and their assignments and conduct periodic in-house training when needed for TRC Inquiry Officers.

?Help to organize existing information, findings and reports including but not limited to research themes or sub-themes, "window cases" or other investigative assignments. Properly formatted and presented to the Commission, as a matter of priority, through its IT Unit, to ensure that they are saved and archived in the TRC's files.

?Assist in ensuring harmony of the activities of the Inquiry Unit with other core processes and special projects.

?Assist in the development of the framework for the TRC's final report, and participate in the process of providing draft text, findings and recommendations from the Inquiry Unit to the Commission for inclusion in the final report.

?Attend all meetings related to inquiry, hearings, reporting and other relevant themes and make periodic reports as requested, including a monthly report of activities containing observations and recommendations;

?Undertake any other relevant assignments or functions as deemed necessary pursuant to the TRC Act, or TRC Rules and Procedures, or as may be assigned or designated by the Chairman of the TRC.

Qualifications Required:

?Graduate Degree or higher in the social sciences (a law degree is an added advantage);
?Minimum 3-5 years experience in investigative research;

?Good knowledge of the politics, economics, history and culture of Liberia and the sub region.
?Ability to work in groups and must be able to serve as an effective facilitator; demonstrated ability to work as team leader and help coordinate or lead the efforts of Inquiry staff to achieve the inquiry objective;

?Strong inter-personal/communication skills.

The TRC is an equal opportunity employer and attempts, in particular, to achieve gender balance in its recruitment of new staff. Females are encouraged to apply

Send all applications to:

The Executive Secretary
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Continental Realty Building
9th Street, Sinkor
Monrovia, Liberia

Deadline for the submission of application is May 16, 2008

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