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April 21, 2008

MONROVIA (TRC)?Thirty-five researchers and supervisors have been trained and employed by the True and Reconciliation Commission in collaboration with the European Commission.

A TRC press release issued today states that, the researchers and supervisors will be deployed all over the county to conductresearch on the National Conflict Mapping Project for duration of two months.

According to the release, the country mapping project is anation-wide project aimed at understanding the nature of existing conflict situations andidentify the looming conflict that may threaten Liberia's peace and stability.

The project will support Liberia's recovery and peace building efforts through conflict analysis to highlight opportunities for both intervention and prevention that would avert the country from its violent legacy.

The TRC release further states that the conflict mapping project will advance local and national development agendas by informing policy makers and stakeholders, helping to foster thecountry's poverty reduction strategy in local communities.

This, according to the release, will be achievedthrough the gathering of information from a cross-section of stakeholders, both central and county government officials, civil society leaders and from the communities.

Richmond S. Anderson

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