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EC -Workshop/TRC

April 17, 2008

MONROVIA (TRC)?A three - day workshop aimed at training researchers and supervisors for national conflict mapping in Liberia got underway Wednesday at St. Teresa's Covent Pastoral Retreat Centre with a call for commitment and dedication to the process.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony, the European Community expert, Mr. Jeremy Tumicliffe said his team is in Liberia to initiate the first conflict mapping project not to only collect data, but also to do in-depth research on the past and persistent conflict situation in Liberia.

He said the research will provide the opportunity to understand the nature and dynamics of the various conflicts experienced in Liberia as they relate to the mandate of the TRC.

Mr. Tumicliffe told the participants thatbecause the civil war engulfed the entire country with Monrovia particularly affected, their task as researchers is tremendously important and must be taken seriously.

The EC technical expert told the participants that the outcome of their work from the road mapping will be of fundamental importance to the process of Liberia's recovery and peace process, adding, "recovery will come a long way not only to the poverty reduction strategy, but to the peace building and reconciliation process of the country."

Mr. Tumicliffe further averred that the information the researchers will collect from the field will be essential not only to compliment the work of the TRC and its inquiry, but also to give an insight to the root causes of the conflict of the past.

He noted that investigating Liberia's past and stability is indispensable for policy makers and other partners at both the local and international levels.

Mr. Tumicliffe stressedthat thorough research will identify interventions and assistance to support the ongoing peace process and advance Liberia's development agenda, thereby contributing to the economic recovery program of the country and enhance the poverty reduction strategy policy of the government.

In brief remark, the Executive Secretary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Mr. Nathaniel T. Kwabo, said the importance of conflict mapping exercise in post war Liberia can not be over emphasized because of its pivotal relevance to national development.

Mr. Kwabo lauded the efforts of the European Community for its collaboration with the TRC to conduct a concrete and genuine conflict mapping exercise in the country, which according to him will provide pertinent information for policy makers and to engender reconciliation and reconstruction.

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