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George Boley's LPC War Excesses

Accounts of Excruciating Deaths, Mass Killings At Zwedru TRC Hearings

March 6, 2008

ZWERDU (TRC)?Fighters of the defunct Liberia Peace Council (LPC) in 1994 roasted dozens of captives and village inhabitants accused of witchcraft activities in Grand Gedeh County, a witness told commissioners of Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Albert Mowen, special assistant to the superintendent of Gbarzohn Statutory District said the fighters laid their victims on driers, made to roast animals, and burned them to death in blazing fires lit with wood.

He was testifying Wednesday at the ongoing public hearings of the TRC at the Zwedru City Hall in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

Mowen said the act was a constant practice of the rebels in various towns and villages in Gbarzohn, saying that dozens of inhabitants of various towns and villages fell prey to the rebels' action.

"When they put those accused of witchcraft activities on the drier they cried until they are completely burned to death," Mowen said. He said following the deaths, relatives were ordered to bury the charred remains.

He claimed the rebels were led by David Torjillah, a former Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) soldier now deceased, and Alex Yarbo.

Mr. Mowen said the fighters flogged his brother, Thomas Mowen, to death after they arrested his entire family and accused them of collaborating with fighters of the defunct National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL).

"The LPC fighters took us to their base, tied and beat us with their cartridge belt. The belt hit my brother Thomas on his private part and he died on the spot," the witness said in an emotional tone.

The LPC one of several warring factions in the Liberian civil war was led by Dr. George Boley. Another witness, a former fighter of the group, Stephen Jones said Boley personally brought in supplies of arms and ammunition for the rebels through the Port of Greenville, Sinoe County during their occupation of territories in southeastern Liberia.

Meanwhile, Oliver Wah, another witness testified Wednesday that fighters of the LPC massacred 27 inhabitants including his father, mother and sister in Gbeapo Kanweaken in River Gee County on May 7, 1995.

He said the fighters of the group who launched a village attack upon orders from their leadership lined up the town's inhabitants and ordered them to lie down before they slit their throats with cutlasses.

He said before the killings he saw the rebels rape the women, including his mother and sister.

Having escaped from the rebels, Oliver explained, he concealed himself in a nearby orchard where he witnessed the slaughters.

He said after the rebels left the town he returned and slept with the dead bodies until the next morning when he piled the remains of the decomposing corpses on mattresses in the bush near the town.

The distressed 11th-grade student of the Zwedru Multilateral High School said the remains of the victims can still be found in the area.

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