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TRC Chairman's Tour of Lofa County Concludes

November 26, 2007

LOFA (TRC)?Truth and Reconciliation Commission Chairman, Cllr. Jerome Verdier has concluded a three-day tour in Lofa County to introduce the TRC process.

While in Lofa, Chairman Verdier met with authorities of the county to inform them that the scheduled start date for TRC Hearings is expected to be early next year.

According to a TRC release issued Monday, Cllr. Verdier attended several programs, including the children agenda workshop, where children were informed about their role in the TRC process, particularly at the upcoming hearings.

The release further states that Chairman Verdier participated in a town hall meeting with stakeholders in Baakedu District, at which time he lauded the opinion leaders for their continued support of the TRC process and encouraged them to be infull readiness for the hearings in January.

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