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AU Mission Visits Liberia's Truth Commission

Montserrado County, Liberia
25 February, 2009
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A high power mission of the African Union (AU) has visited Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) expressing interest in the achievements and operations of the commission.

TRC Chairman Counselor Jerome J. Verdier welcoming the mission expressed delight for the visit and welcomed the African Union's desire to see the TRC succeed in its mandate.

Chairman Verdier said challenges in the form of inadequate resources continue to haunt the Commission, but insisted that the TRC is determined to fulfill its mandate pursuant to its statutory obligations and on schedule.

The TRC Chair expressed appreciation for the fact-finding visit and hoped that some support will be forth-coming.

Speaking on perception, Verdier said activities of the TRC are challenging, as many persons don't understand the issues of reparation and amnesty which have generated huge interest.

He said major causes of the Liberian conflict were bad governance, corruption and the absence of the rule of law, noting that structuring the TRC recommendations to address these vices is a major concern. He however expressed happiness that the AU Mission is Liberia.

Responding the head of the African Union delegation, His Excellency Attala H. Bashir said the rule of law; good governance and reconciliation constitute significant aspects of their mission saying that the AU concerns are relative to the TRC's achievements and operations. He expressed appreciation for the work the TRC is doing despite the challenges and noted that the work of the commission is important to restoring Liberia to peace.

Mr. Bashir inquired about the ensuing National Conference and expressed concern about the cost of setting up a criminal court for Liberia saying that sponsors will equally be concerned about the outcome of the process after expanding huge sums of money.

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