Press Releases

Prince Johnson Displayed Doe's Skull....Commany Wesseh
Commany Wesseh, Adolphus Dolo, Monie Captan & Others To Testify Next Week
Recommend A National History Commission...Dr. Elwood Dunn Proposes To TRC...Proposes National Forum To Address Symbols
Recommend Prosecution For Heinous Crimes...US Professor Holloway Tells TRC...Says Reconciliation in Good, But Justice Is Better
ACS System of Authoritarianism Laid Foundation For Conflict...Dr. Augustine Konneh
1980 Coup Created Opportunity For Disputes...Professor Holsoe Diagnoses Liberia's Problems
War Crimes Court Will Undermine Liberia's Security...Father Tikpor
Historical Review Hearing Opens Monday...Expert Historians To Testify
"Prince Johnson Is A Pathological Liar"...Dr. Sawyer Testifies At TRC...Says Change of JJ Put Looters Out of Business
"LURD Was A Resistance Movement"...Sekou Conneh Testifies At TRC...Denies Knowledge of Atrocities
Popular musician Teconseh Roberts was executed by Samuel Varnii, the deputy leader of the defunct INPFL, the head of the former warring faction Prince Johnson said.
Prince Johnson, Sekou Conneh, Dr. Amos Sawyer Testify This Week
Sierra Leone Supported The Quiwonkpah Invasion...Joe Wyllie
Quiwonkpah Would Have Named Ellen Finance Minister...Joe Wyllie Testifies At TRC
Wilfred Clarke Told Robert Phillips To Implicate Ellen In November 12...Rev. Roberta Phillips Testifies
Bloodbath Was Planned
NPFL Fighters Were Not On Salaries...Lewis S. Brown
Police Were Ordered To Kill Baccus & Others...D. Karn Karlor
"Inheritance Law Not Protecting Women"...Attorney Deweh Gray
Dubar Wants National Memorial Erected...Apologizes To Conflict Victims
"We Are Really Sorry For This Whole Thing"...Kromah Expresses Penitence While Weeping
PRC Men Argued Over Chairmanship...Kromah Stars At TRC
Edward Slanger & Death Squad Killed Robert Phillips...Ambassador Coleman
Mary Brownell Apologizes To Dr. Fahnbulleh...Says She Treated Him Like A Stepchild
Witness Jesus Swaray: "I Saw Madam Sirleaf In Military Uniform"
PRC Received Weapons From PLO...Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh
Mandatory Psychiatric Examination For Public Officials...Fahnbulleh Recommends To TRC
I Owes No Apology For My Role In History...Dr. Boima Fahnbulleh
Doe Said Tolbert Had Dug Our Graves...Chea Cheapoo
Cheapoo: I Had No Involvement in Chesson's Murder

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