Fish Town City: Day 2

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The Second Day of the TRC Public Hearings Proceedings held on Tuesday February 26, 2008 at the Fish Town City Hall, River Gee County. The Hearings session started with the Commissioners of the TRC being ushered into their seats, followed by a welcome remarks form the Chairman of the TRC Cllr. Jerome Verdier, who then called on the Hearings Officer Pastor John Teayah to invite the first Primary Witness to give his testimony.

Tenth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Fish Town City River Gee County
Washington Moore
(First Primary Witness of day Two)

The First Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: good morning and welcome to the TRC public hearings and for taking up your time to come to the hearings to tell your story to the people of Liberia, River Gee County and the Commissioners of the TRC.

When were you born?

Primary witness: 1974 march 4

What do you do?

Primary witness: Farmer

Where do you live?

Primary witness: Glaral Ugoord

Chairman: Background story leading to Witness Washington Moore appearing to the Truth Commission from Martha Watkins that Mr. Moore went and took her husband off and eventually her husband was killed. [Please refer to Marthal Watkins testimonies for full story]

Primary witness: In the year 2003 April Suah came in Ugord he told us that MODEL was coming so he had come to tell us to form Defense Force to help them so we the citizens told him that we did not know anything about that so we were afraid because as for me I Washington I have been making business and so I don't know anything about war. So he said that's it was force for us to form the Defense Force if not it means that you are conniving with the MODEL when he went back we called meeting and we said what can we do about what Suah said and he Suah made a statement that none of us died in the 1990 war we all ran to ivory coast, so he this time if not form the Defense Force he will kill everyone of us and burn our town. When he came back we asked him if we were going on the front or we will be in the town to protect our people he said to protect our people then we say ok if it is that we accept then we form the defense force after two days he came and called us and say we should cross the river to go and serve guard then we became afraid again; you said we should be in the town if anything we inform the soldiers so we told him we did not know what to do, then he said he know what to do, he was the same person who sent his boys to ivory coast to the border so that any Glaro people coming they should killed them then he assigned soldier with us in the town for us to even go on the farm self or to the village they will would say you are going to the enemy, we said he had to go on the farm to get food to come and feed our people, he said any body who go on the farm it means that they are going to feed the enemy.

Then he came and said we should called everybody, then we went and called the town people so this Mr. Richard Watkins man we went to call people we did not know that they were going to killed our people when we call the people then he told his boys to cross, Amos , Amos and Richard Watkins, then they cross the people and we were afraid and we ran in the bush, when he came back we asked for the people and he said he was gong to bring them back so we said the people that you carry they are our people they were our leaders if you bring them back we will form Defense Force if not we will not be able to form another Defense Force, so when he left and went in Gbeh he sent Gen. Paye and Col. Bahn and another soldier to Glaro in the morning as soon as I came outside they arrested m me and tied me with my hand on back and lay us in the sun. They sent soldiers in Salar to go killed the town's people and burn the town then when they reached us in Gbah they put us in jailed later they put out and started calling list. The first name they called was Michael Zuo, and I was Washington Moore then they say bring the two people out and took Zuo and tie him on the coconut tree he Suah said Michael will be first people to see the example and the those that in the Ugord they should go for them after they finish killing we in the jail, so all the soldiers that were there they all open fire on Michael Zuo and every body attention was on Michael even the guy that was minding me and that's how I escaped and they sent people to look for me there is a swamp I got there and hid myself side the borkoboy hill they look for me then he say any soldiers who finds me should killed with out bringing me to their barrack. Erick Noah and Freeman and they started cutting their ears then the man say what I do your doing this to me like them doing the war 1990 the Glaro people did not died so this time they would see even David Karty, was chopped but he did not die and Jacob Karty died they brought the balance people Gbeh and the took every body women, children and men and cross them through the river there where they killed everybody they put them from the car and kill all except two children and the children were laying on the bodies there they did not where to go. I made four days in Gbeh and I found all means to come back to town. One catholic father Joseph Sayon was coming he reached there and saw the bodies that were there and that how he ran in the town to let the town people know that the people that were taken from Salar they were killed and the solider ran there but they did not see the children. Then they say that they heard that I was in Ugord so they should go for me and that they would going to take my money and things from me then about two days they brought my step father after two days they killed and when I reached in the town my mother started asking me for my step father and I told her what had happened while talking from one thing to another there the soldiers grab me and say you are Washington Moore and they say take your shoes and took my thing from on me then they started carrying to kill me behind one Mr. Gaou yard that Mr. Gaou told Col. Bahn that they are going to kill me and Col Bahn say you want your life or money then I say I want my life and that's how I sent my mother and she went and brought 200 CFA then he said that all the money here then they say the money was small so my mother went and brought another two hundred again so they say that's not all the money that they say they were in rush so they say they were leaving some soldier in the to take care of me if they come and back and did not see the money they would killed me inform of my mother then in the night I manage to escape

One Thomas Young was the gen. to Suah and he was the one who got me arrested me and he say Mary your son will die as soon as we get across the river we will kill as soon as we get to Gbeh your husband will come back so my mother say no I know that my husband is already dead then he said you are my relative just live I will kill this your son. And I told my mother that we were 22 in number in Gbeh for the first time. Then Col. Bahn told Young that turn the Washington to us here in the town and we will make sure on him and they would be able to killed the balance town people then they say should pet me to get the money from then they put me in the jail then I say I better be running they shoot me than I be looking at them while they shoot me that how I put the window and went in the bush but five in the morning we hear 5 in the Monrovia we heard firing not knowing that MODEL was coming they told MODEL that if they do not come soon Suah soldiers would kill the Glaro people by 5 in the morning MODEL entered but we think that was Suah after sometime they say if you citizens you come we are not Suah soldier we came to safe you if you Glaro man you come out we are not here to kill anyone we are here for the Suah oldie and not you're the citizens

Then MODEL that came too the came to save but there is no property remain in the house they save our lives oh but all our things they carry all, even down to the cook spoon.

Questions from the Commissioners:

Chairman: thank you for coming to the TRC to tell your story. When MODEL came in your town?

Primary Witness: May 1st 2003

Can you remember the day your took Mr. Watkins away?

Primary Witness: In the same April but I can't remember the date.

You said Suah sent his soldiers to Ivory Coast were the soldiers fighting in ivory coast or what?

Primary Witness: Yes they were fighting there.

So the government troops went in Ivory Coast?

Primary Witness: Yes

They were fight the Ivorian government or what?

Primary Witness: They were fighting the Ivorian government.

What part of Ivory Coast they were fighting?

Primary witness: Neimble, Parah, Kadiae, Bayway, Geldou, Youku, Puttu, Naykan, and Citay.

How many of you were in the Defense Force?

Primary Witness: We were so many the youth in the town there I can't tell the total number most of the youths were Defense Force more than 25 to 50.

How possible was it for you to see the killings in Salar?

Primary Witness: I was not present, when they were carrying us across the river they put some soldiers down to go and killed the Salar people and burnt the town

Commissioner Stewart: what happened when you went to Mr. Watkins?

Primary witness: I was about 6 in the evening when we met Suah now we were in the discussion until it was about seven

What did you say to his wife, late Mr. Watkins?

Primary Witness: When I went there Martha Watkins say her husband was not there she say what happen I say Suah want to see them then she said I should go to the other women I went to the other woman house and she said Mr. Watkins was inside.

Where was Mrs. Watkins then?

Primary Witness: She was in her house because the men had different women and they had their own places.

How many of you when to called Mr. Watkins?

Primary Witness: We were five.

Are any of these five persons around?

Primary witness: Some of them are in Zwedru one in Pleebo and the others are in Ugord

The 22 of you they carried in the jail were all of them tied?

Primary Witness: Only Yabah Deswah was tie with me.

Why do you think you were tied?

Primary Witness: He himself did not come he only sent his boys to tie and carry us.

Where were you when Mr. Watkins was being carried?

Primary Witness: I was a citizen in the town.

How many soldiers were with Suah?

Primary Witness: They were so many, plenty.

Can you remember the date your went to call Mr. Watkins?

Primary Witness: No I can't remember the date.

When Suah and his men came to your town what did they say to your?

Primary Witness: They were forcing some of the soldiers to go in Ivory Coast to go and fight we said we were closer to Ivory Coast and beside that we don't know anything about soldier business and again if they go and to ivory cost and the people started coming back what we would do.

Commissioner Washington: you they force your to form the Defense Force?

Primary Witness: Yes

When your went to get them what mood were you in did you have any weapons in your hands?

Primary Witness: They were part of us in the Defense Force, we were keeping guard under the tree and Suah met us that we should called the elders for all of us to discuss and that's how we went and starting calling the elders.

Was he specific about those people that he finally carried and killed?

Primary Witness: No he did not call name any special person name he just said we should go and call our elders.

Why did go Mr. Watkins first?

Primary Witness: We never went to Mr. Watkins first we called other people before reaching to Mr. Watkins house.

Please tell us what happened when your took Mr. Watkins and the Amos?

Primary Witness: When we called them they went to Suah and later when Suah cross the river with them he started taking out clothes and that's when we ourselves ran in the bush.

What is the name of those five persons that went to called the elders?

Primary Witness: Yabah Dehsuah, Doe Gaye, Beladen, Tantic Suah killed him, and me.

Commissioner Dolopei: how many days your spent in the Defense Force before Suah came that your should call the elders?

Primary Witness: About 3 days.

What were you using as weapon when you were guarding the town?

Primary Witness: We were using cut lasses and single barrels.

What you had in your hands when your went to call them?

Primary Witness: We never anything in our hand one man had single barrels.

What Mr. Watkins had in his hand when your reached him?

Primary Witness: He never had anything in his hands, he was lying down and his woman went to wake him up.

Did Mr. Watkins have any relative in the Defense Force?

Primary Witness: Yes he was Thomas Quayou

Where was Thomas when you went to get Watkins?

Primary Witness: He was under the tree we left him there

Did you people have any meeting where they told your to not join?

Primary Witness: It was the first coming to Suah and Mr. Watkins them say we don't know about it so we could not form the defense force.

Who said that you people could not form the force because your never knew anything about arms?

Primary Witness: Richard Watkins.

Then what Gen. Suah did?

Primary Witness: He said when he comes the next day he was going to kill all of us and burn the town.

When he left what happen?

Primary Witness: When he left we called meeting and that's how we all decided to form the defense force.

Was Watkins part of that meeting?

Primary Witness: Yes he himself told us that your the small children you will be keeping guard and we the elder we are with your.

So no one went to Suah and tell him that Watkins not want to form the defense force?

Primary Witness: Jerome Yanwah was Suah soldier and he was among us and after few times he left Uboh totally with his family.

So no one told Suah that Watkins and the Amos don't what to form the Defense Force?

Primary Witness: May that Jerome did that one but I don't know anything about that.

When they arrest them?

Primary Witness: I don't know.

The same day they arrested them that the same day they killed them?

Primary Witness: It took some time I don't but Suah use to come and we use to ask him for the people and he use to say that he will bring the people back.

How long it took?

Primary Witness: It took few days but I don't know how long.

Are you aware that Mrs. Watkins was going around look for her husband?

Primary Witness: It was the next day she got on the car that came in the town and she said she was going to see where they were carrying her husband.

Did they bring him to Fish town here?

Primary Witness: I don't know that the time they carry us to Gbeh that the place I heard that they took them to Fish town.

Then how you knew that they killed him?

Primary Witness: That his wife came back and said they killed them and the people self wanted to kill her even though she was pregnant.

Commissioner Syllah: what were the activities of the Defense Force?

Primary Witness: We were not train on anything Gen. Suah only say we the citizen in the town we should not just sit there and allow the enemy to come if anything we should go and tell the soldier.

Then how were you defending the town?

Primary Witness: We told him we never had arm then how he expect us to form the defense force he said Defense Force not suppose to carry arm we are only there to inform the soldiers if enemy was coming and he said we should use our faming tools like cut lasses and single barrels.

How many single barrels you people had?

Primary Witness: Only one and the rest were cut lasses.

Are you saying that were there other youth that were not defense force?

Primary Witness: Yes

Do you know about 44 junction?

Primary Witness: Yes I know there.

What do you know about there?

Primary Witness: I don't keep guard there.

What happen to the rest of the Defense Force?

Primary Witness: We had so many things to do in the town, so we were exchanging 5 will serve today and the other will go to do their work and just like that.

Why were the elders targeted since they finally told your to form the defense force?

Primary Witness: We don't know why, he only said if we did not form the Defense Force he was gong to kill us that why we form the Defense Force but still he started carry the people one - one.

Have you gone to the family to tell them sorry for what happened?

Primary Witness: We ourselves we were hiding it was after until after the 2003 disarmament and we came together and that we said we did not know that that was the intention of Suah right in front of the town chief place we said we did not know.

Can you tell us about Zico Daniels?

Primary Witness: I have not seen Zico Daniels that yesterday here self I see him here I use to hear about him. And he killed plenty of our people in Glaro.

What was the role of the Defense Force towards the Glaro people that were not part of the Defense Force?

Primary Witness: We were only there protecting our people, but the deceit Gen. Suah gave us that we should go and called our people for meeting and we saw what he did and from that time we did call any other people and we even requested for those people but he used to tell us that they will come they will come.

Commissioner Coleman: where is Uboh relative to Glaro, are they closer together?

Primary Witness: That different town, Uboh and Glaro.

What county are they in?

Primary Witness: River Gee County on the northern side of the river near the border with Ivory Coast.

Was the MODEL war rooted in the Grand Gedeh?

Primary Witness: They came through the forest.

So how they got their weapons?

Primary Witness: I don't know

When was that war?

Primary Witness: May 1 2003

But the war in Grand Gedeh started in April?

Primary Witness: Yes

When was the war in Ivory Coast do you have any knowledge?

Primary Witness: January 2003

Do you know what the relationship between them and government soldiers was?

Primary Witness: The war they were fighting we used to see them but I can't tell who they were fighting for, we saw them when they met resistance from the Ivorian Soldier when they were retreating that's how they pass in our town.

The 22 persons that were put the prison were they part of the Defense Force?

Primary Witness: We were mixed the older people, the children and the women.

Then why your were targeted as a Defense Force member?

Primary Witness: They say that MODEL was coming that was speaking the same tribe we were speaking so that how we were all targeted.

Commissioner Konneh: what religion you belong to?

Primary Witness: I am a Christian.

How do you understand what Suah said that you will not go on the front but to protect the town people?

Primary Witness: We were force to form it because he said if not he will kill us and burnt the town so our elder say we should form it not knowing he had different thin in mind

Do you remember when Martha Watkins said my son I beg you don't carry my husband?

Primary Witness: When we went to call him to the other woman house Martha went she asked us and we told her that we did not know, I was in authority to decide whether he goes or not I was only sent she did not tell me that

Did you go to the town chief to tell the town that Suah has come again and that he said you should call the town people?

Primary Witness: It was not in secret even the town chief, James Tartic they carry him and killed him Suah use to come and call the town people together so it was not surprising for him to come even the town chief that I went to he too the killed him.

How you got to know that 236 people were killed by Suah?

Primary Witness: We were 22 in number and the people he killed Salar we counted it and that's how we got the number.

Where are your friends that were with you when went to call Mr. Watkins?

Primary Witness: Yaba Dehswah in Grand Gedeh and Doe Gaye in Maryland the other person in the Coast.

Do you know why Thomas Young say he was going to kill you?

Primary Witness: No

Where are the children that were left in Salar massacre?

Primary Witness: They brought them to town but because I was in hiding I could see most of the things that happen.

[Victim comment:]

Martha Watkins: what condition you were in when you went to call my husband?

Primary Witness: I was in the same condition I was in- in the defense force.

Were you not having arms?

Primary Witness: Only one man was in arm among us.

Which name my husband us to call you?

Primary Witness: He used to call me ebannie.

When you call my husband out and he asked you Layweyanwah, then you Moore said I am not here for Layweyanwah I am on my duty I am not here for?

Primary Witness: He and mother are relatives that true and he used to call me that name so when he came outside he call me that name and I say no Suah said I should we should call your to go.

Chairman: so you refuse the name?

Primary Witness: No that my mother name he was using to call me, I did not refuse I answered and told him that Suah sent for them.

Was Richard Watkins chief for the town?

Primary Witness: When we came to call Watkins the chief was there with Suah already.

In case I call Felecia Watkins to come and testify what will be our?

Primary Witness: Yes you can call Felecia to come because it was from her house that we called him from.

How many elders did your call?

Primary Witness: 8 elders

Of that how many died?

Primary Witness: That 3 died and five living.

When you went to Mr. Suah and he why the Defense Force numbers small, what was the response?

Primary Witness: He only asked his soldier and by them I was not there went he asked why the number low we said we on shift.

Your did not tell Suah that Watkins, and the Amos were not in favor of defense force?

Primary Witness: Amos Yenoh, Suah soldier that was with?

So every one know that every one disagree with Defense Force?

Primary Witness: No they did not disagree, that Mr. Watkins they say we should form it and they would be with us.

So you came to defend that you are responsible for the death of Watkins and the Amos?

Primary Witness: Yes I am not aware of what Suah was doing I am innocent to what he was dong he used to come in the town and call people together and they used to come together so that what we were think on we taught that the same thing.

Commissioner Coleman: who was the commander of Defense Force?

Primary Witness: Thomas Crayou.

So when they sent your who was the head?

Primary Witness: There was no leader, they just sent us.

When your got there who talk first to Watkins?

Primary Witness: I asked for Mr. Watkins.

When did the Salar massacre take place?

Primary Witness: I was not on the Salar thing by then they were tying us and they sent people there to go and killed the people and burnt the town.

What about the Uboh people?

Primary Witness: That in the same April.

So the 236 persons were killed in Uboh?

Primary Witness: The people they killed not Uboh itself but there were people that came from around the same area.

Do you know any burial place of those people?

Primary Witness: No only the people the killed the Salar people when UNMIL came the town chief carry them there and they took the bones with them. And Mr. Richard Watkins father the place the killed him I can still remember that place and the rest of the people were killed by Zico Daniels.

Commissioner Dolopei: what is the distance for you 44 junction to your town?

Primary Witness: At bout 3 hours thirty minutes.

Why they picked those three men among the group of elders?

Primary Witness: I don't know

Why did he kill the town chief?

Primary Witness: It was the following day, he carry we and chief and other people together.

Does Mrs. Watkins know that you did not take part in killing of her husband?

Primary Witness: Yes

Did the entire town know that you and some people were tied and carried away?

Primary Witness: Yes

Commissioner Washington: have you killed anyone in your life before?

Primary Witness: Since I was borne 1974 I have not killed the first body I saw was Michael Zuo.

Did you hurt any body when you were in the Defense Force?

Primary Witness: No, the only problem was when Suah deceived us to call the people.

Mr. Teh: what do you think you suppose to tell the people family of Mr. Watkins?

Chairman: you may not answer that question here we all are in our free minds so you may choose to answer or not.

Primary Witness: Last word: I think from the beginning from the killing that Suah carried out they called us in front to the town people, we did not know that Suah was calling the people to go kill them we......

Commissioner Bull: interprets the comments or question of Mr. Teh and said the witness has been put on the queue by Mr. The and from there he should say what is expected of him.

Commissioner Konneh: warns not to take put words in the mouth of the accused and not the business to tell you what to do, it is your business to say you remain innocent until proven otherwise.

Eleventh Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Fish Town City River County
Alfred Cooper
(Second Primary Witness of day two)

The Second Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: we say you are welcome to share your experience with us.

What is your name again?

Primary Witness: I am Alfred Cooper.

Where do you live?

Primary Witness: I live Sawoe Wofeeken.

When were you born?

Primary Witness: I was born 1962. I am a farmer

Primary Witness: I thank you all in TRC. I am very happy to be here and to explain what all I saw and what I put my ear on. Now, when this war came in 1990, the people captured Wofeeken we all were there. Some entered in Wofeeken, the man that brought them name is Daye Nyan. Daye Nyan was with us there. His body guard was turtle Bone. Gaye Nyan body guard. So to talk the truth, the 1990 through out they had not killed anyone in Wofeeken. Until during all there fighting they were doing, Turtle Bone he was friendly with us there women children all know him. That's how I got to know him. That one there it passed. After that they said LPC coming again we say ah, what kind of LPC again.

1994 September 12, we were coming so we all there. While there, we were thinking about where to go. A man that stopping with us there, one Borbor Cole, Borbor came in town that after noon, he collected all the young fork, and said those that coming what will we do with them? We said that we are not here to fight. But we will only pray to God that when they come they will not do harm to any body. Not with understanding, their first coming, they stop to Borbor Cole village. So he Borbor Cole, he was having grush against the older people. That's what he explained to them. So, he told us to get up and he introduced us to the people. Through that, we discovered that. We all scatted. And when we scatted, we stayed in the town until it was 5:00. While we were doing that, the people were around the town. We the young forks in the town we scatted. That evening the people entered the town. We were run into the bushes. While we were in the bushes, we came back. My old man, Willah Collah, he was not well. They sat right at his door mouth. The people got to town, when they got to town, they started going all around the town. They met most of the old man there, old man Willah. But all the old forks left the town. So he Borbor Cole was complaining to the LPC that you see this man, Willah Collah, that he was a medical man. He's the one who make medical that when your come, your medical will not work. So for this, they killed that man right to his door mouth. My friend, not they say, we stayed in that town, Wofeeken whole day and we escaped the next day. We came and buried the old man, Borbor Cole went with them. When we buried the man, that time, that was harvest time, we went and stating cutting rice from village to village. We were there now , from that September 12, 1994, Down to October ending, then Mr. Turtle Bone came, he called everybody because, we used to him . Everybody knew him even the elder. And he said, I been in this town for long now. I came to tell your people that the war we were fighting is finished now and am going October ending and will be back. I want your to prepared this, so I can go and come back so with me I get one old man with me on the farm I said, that Turtle Bone he is not the one who brought the war, so while will he say like that, I said this boy even though, he is a fighter and he not the one who brought the war, so for me, what he has said, I can't believe it. The Turtle Bone I am talking about is from Jalaboe. When I went Jalabao, I met him. So with all of those war that been fighting, LPC that passed to Sinoe, through Pleebo, while we were there going to October ending, One pappy was there .One Sackie, Sackie died. And every body had to go to town to buried, and everybody was in town to put words together before the town people bring problems, not known it was already on hand, the 11th of November, Friday. So after that some of us got afraid me I left and went to the village. Most of the young forks every body was in the town. That particular time reached. Turtle Bone told them to prepared dry meat, palm wine and rice for that day. So that Friday was coming I went on my farm and I heard the firing coming. I left the creek and went to the town and told the pappy, you see what I was telling you? I hearing firing and the firing I hearing, I am not satisfied. So you should not go in town. And he said, today, Turtle bone told us that he was coming, so I going in town. I told him he much not go in town, and he said no. I said okay. And he went in town. The firing was too much. So I left and pass through the bush and hide myself. One pappy called Sackie, so he was coming knock the drum. And knocking the drum means something was happing in the town and everybody has to come to town. So while going , those that came from Harper, told him say pappy come here and the group that was in the pickup and the one that they catch, they all passed through the town, they went up the hill to the Rev. house. Those that were there, they were killing, they killed one man name Josayah Teweh, one Moses Toe. Then those that were in town, they were just graping people. They collected all the people the women. So they collected all the pappy them and tied them two, two. Then they collected all the women in the town. And they asked them say anybody came here and say your much wait for them? We are the one Turtle bone was talking about, your bring all the dry meat your were preparing, the rice and bring it. So they took the meat and started eating it and started tiding them. When they killed those two guys, so they did not want them to know that it was in town, they were tiding and killing people. So where the dead body was, where we buried the people they killed more then five to fifteen minutes they put them outside. Right away in the 3rd firing, they killed Moses Gayeyong and beside him, they killed his brother Gabison. After killing these two guys, then they went to town while going, one of my friends they killed one Ramsay Collins. When I tell you all what was going on I suffering it I lie but I was around. While they were doing that I went and went to the village and told the pappy, say what I was telling you, the people are killing in the town, go and see all of you friends in rope, they tied them and all the women on the side and start firing them that's how they killed 13 men and carried five girls. And that's how one girl came back because she's nursing baby.
She's in fish town as I am speaking to you one of those girls they carried is here now they called Elizabeth Watoe and from the time they carried her, that today I seen her. I think she can testify. And I think some of those boys captured are here to bear me witness. That's how they killed 13 persons at the time they told John Kollie to go. So John Kollie started running. And that's how they killed the 13 people and left and slept to Nancy house.
So for this TRC business, when I stand and tell you all that they did to us, they have really hurt us. I am still hurt because of what they did to us. In other way I am happy to come and explain to us the thing that happy to us. After those things, we make our plan because when the killed the two persons, it was too much now and we got afraid and we started packing off. 1994, November, that's how we left. We were there until 1997, and then MODEL came. Is good to talk the truth, in my town, they did not killed but the people bad, your cassava you coming eat, they will eat it them they say you much not go in the bush but you much be in town .That's what MODEL did to us. All our belongings they ceased it, for you to eat, you have to pass through a process it is more then killing. So I thank you the TRC. So in Wofeeken, that how the people killed us. They killed our pappy them, the young boys. I who standing here I am more then my age. When you enter the town, they will tell you say let me carry you to the pappy. We the pappy now in Wofeeken, so those that did those things, if I tell you say among them, I know John Brown or so so and so persons, I lie to you but the major man I know is Turtle Bone, because the people never captured me. The leader that brought them, I don't know them. But Turtle Bone every day, he was with us. If I even think said I know he even born his child there to our town. But he did not do bad to us. Because I saw him, I know him, he sat with us. Before me he told us that the war was finished, he was going to come back to us and we much expect him, and that I kind I got to know him.

Questions from the Commissioners:

Chairman: while saying this we say sorry that is while we are here and if we had sat in Monrovia we will not know what happened to your and the whole of Liberia. Was Turtle Bone at the party celebration set for him?

Primary Witness: To talk the true, we didn't see them. When they came some people were in the car.

Was it LPC war at the time?

Primary Witness: Yes.

Commissioner Konneh: At the time they told the people say the war was over, which war that?

Primary Witness: Well, thank you. Because when the war came 1990, after the first war it broke out, nothing didn't happened. So secondly, when LPC came they killed when they killed our pappy now we all were afraid, so we know that 1990 war, 1994 war, all the war in Liberia was finished. We never classified any war.
You did mentioned this time that the time they told the people the war was over, was LPC war at the time, then if I did understand what you have said, then how did the NPFL war treated your ?

Primary Witness: Well, when they entered, we all were there, they only commander us not to go any where but they never killed any body.

How Turtle bone managed to get in touch with one another? How he left NPFL to LPC?

Primary Witness: Thank you, Turtle Bone they brought the first war so, they fight they were backing us so any fighting group that entered the town they fight against them. I don't know the contact between they and those people. But for him telling us that we should wait for that poetically day, that the war is over, then the people came and started killing people, is the one. But how he managed to joined other people, I don't know.

You said one of the victims, is here? Is it the only day today, you have seen her here? Who is that person?

Primary Witness: Yes. It is a girl. Her name is Elizabeth. They took her, she was among the five girls they took from here.

Commissioner Coleman: The LPC people, did you say that these people came after the Turtle Bone people and told your to prepared food for them, that the war is over? And then, the LPC people came now and say that we are the people? And you suspect it that Turtle Bone was in there car so these same people them now eating your food? So could there be a conspiracy with the Tuttle Bone who was from NPFL to the LPC?

Primary Witness: Yes It could happen.

The people who were killed in that town, the women, the men, girls and boys. Were they all killed from that same war 1994?

Primary Witness: They did not kill any woman. All the people they killed they are so so, men at the time movement they left. It was only Mr. William he was the first person they killed from there all the balance 12 persons they killed them on the spot.

So the women and all the other people that they killed, like your friend Ramsey, Moses and others who killed them? You said they opened fire and killed them. Who did all the killing, was it LPC?

Primary Witness: So when I tell you that all of those who did the killing that Peter, that John, I will be lying. I was in hiding so I can't tell you. But when I was there, we were doing the buried of the people.

So you don't who did all of the killing, LPC or NPFL? But you just saw all the body around. And you said NPFL did not kill. Could it be a possibility of NPFL killing any one?

Primary Witness: Yes. Even though, they treated us but they killed anyone in our town. I keep on saying that LPC entered the town; they killed the first group. The only time we had defense force was during the MODEL period they did not hurt any one.

Did they raped or loot?

Primary Witness: no

About LPC time, did they rape?

Primary Witness: No, I can say because I was not there.

Commissioner Syllah: Who was the commander when MODEL entered the town?

Primary Witness: I can't say.

Do you know any junior?

Primary Witness: I don't know because I was not around here.

You said when MODEL entered the town, they ate your cassava, and others, besides that, did they take any cattle, rape, or take any of your women with them?

Primary Witness: Yes, they took our cattle, yes, you just reminded me of the junior you talked about, was the commander. When they sent Junior there he told us to be feeling his people. Few months, they started collected our guns form us. So they ate our cattle and chicken. They took girls, brought some back and some to go and cooked for them. They took five girls. Some girl's escaped.

Did the girls share their experiences with you?

Primary Witness: Is only one Nancy. She is back now.

Commissioner Dolopei: What were you doing before the war?

Primary Witness: I was planting cocoa.

Was it your own father?

Primary Witness: Yes.

When Charles Taylor enter the town, 1990, did they asked your for anything?

Primary Witness: Yes, they asked us for government forces. They say, we here to free your any body against us will not live. When I say they beat somebody there I lie.

Did they tell your to bring your guns?

Primary Witness: No, we said we never had arms. The temptations came to us, asking us for human head.

Do you remember one Naroba?

Primary Witness: Yes he was their head. I know him, he carried me to.

Primary Witness: Even now, now when I was coming to TRC, the other people in the town saying that oh you see we who they kill our husbands them, only he alone they are carrying to the TRC.

Chairman: What dialect does Turtle Bone speaks?

Primary Witness: He speaks Grebo that Jeleboe Grebo.

Thanks very much for coming. You told us about NPFL, MODEL, and LPC all is wrong. That's why TRC is here. So things that happen will not be repeated. The war is finished now, so you are to recommend what to be done. What should be done to woefeeken? What you want us do to them? Any last thing you have to say to the TRC?

Primary Witness: This has happen and we say we are not to revenge; we will now be able to reconcile. So I advise that everybody, that let bad gone be bad gone. And the second thing is the widows are in my town and the women and children are there so let us see what to do for our women and those who properties were taken away from them.

So tell them that we have heard about all what you have said. And we will do our best.

Twelfth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Fish Town City River County
Anges Keh
(Third Primary Witness of day two)

The Third Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer. She was accompanied by an interpreter.

Chairman: good morning to the TRC, this is the opportunity for you to tell your story to the people of Liberia so that they can know what happened to you.

When were you born?

Primary Witness: I am 28 years old.

Where are you from?

Primary Witness: From Gbaybo Karwayken,

Primary Witness: During the war, we ran away and went in the second town, that the place we were on the village. We were on the village, we got up soon in the morning, we were beating rice, when we were beating the rice we were on the village, when were on the village, the LPC people were around us and we don't know. When we were beating the rice I said ooh I want go in the rest room oh. He said hour like this you can wait small, day never break clear yet, so you must wait small. I say ok let me carry you when I was carrying her, I saw one man that was in the bush when we saw the man. I see someone in that bush oh, so let go back that how two of us came home. I came for me to tell my step mother, that how they captured the whole village. They started catching us one by one.

The catch one of my friends called Patricia. So they caught Patricia. From there I and her was there. All of us we were there. They were carrying us in front to Waynyebo Karwayken. Then they took me and carry me to the nearby house. And my other friend was there and they took her and carry her on the other side. They went they tied my hands they tied my feet and tied the others hands over seven persons they start to go with me. When they finished, they left me that how I get up and they give me my owner load, when they give it to me I put it on my side, then the big man with them, the big man say let go. Then we started going, when we reached to the other village my step Uncle. They tied him they chop all under his feet. And they took the old cutlass that was in the fire they took it they beat it on his body, I started sharing tears. They say you not shut up your mouth; we will kill you right now. I was looking at them,

When we were getting up from the same village, they starting tying my friends them, they tied the other man, they were beating the man, until the man leave in the hand. They went and killed the man, I was standing right side them, they went and killed other one girl when I finished we will tell them when they finished raping me they start giving me things them to be carrying that when we reached in front I told them. I say oh, please I want go in the restroom. It was getting dark now, I say oh I want go in the restroom so, the man say, you can't go because it's late. I say I want to go to the restroom, so you give me chance, so I can go in the restroom. I hide from them. so as soon we were going, we reached certain place, the other say, the girl say she want to go in the restroom, so your let her let she go small. That how they give thirty feet from them that how I get in the bush, when I got in the bush, so I think that I was far away from them when I say either they fire me, I know that the fire will be better. My friend them cutting them, killing them, I say me I not able, So that how I get in the bush I was there three days, the three days own before I reached in Putaken town when I reached there I met my aunty, my aunty say oh and I was explaining it to her. That whole week I even can't take a step there. They have to tote me to go bath me everyday. So that how we were there and my aunty took me and carried me to one man. The man went and worked on me until I started walking. So I started doing everything for myself, that everything that happened to me.

Questions from the Commissioner:

Chairman: thank you Egnes, consider us including the people of Fish Town and Grand kru. I am very very sorry for what happened to you, at the time you have no control you couldn't say yes you couldn't say no. your life was at risk. They have arms and all of that. And what they did was wrong. You still living you got the courage and it is seven people that went with you which is wrong, whether that one person it is still wrong. So we are very sorry you hear. You still have the courage and we admire that. The courage you have to come and talked it. You don't have anything to be ashamed of or anything to worry about. And the more we talked on these things it makes them look bad. The more we speak out, it will make us brave and we are stronger. So it is a good thing, don't be scare. Everyday evil people are committing crime and that one of the crimes there. And we all have to talk against the crime, and need protection that why the TRC was form.

You can remember the year it happen?

Primary Witness: no, I was small, I never remember the year

Do you know the faction, whether LPC, NPFL or any other?

Primary Witness: that was around LPC time around 1994, 1995

In the short time that you were around them did you hear them calling any other names?

Primary Witness: I was crying, they tied clothed on my face

You was a small girl at that time?

Primary Witness: Yes

So you just kept on crying

Primary Witness: Yes

What dialect were they speaking?

Primary Witness: They were speaking Krahn

Commissioner Steward: Do you remember the names of the people

Primary Witness: no

How is your health?

Primary Witness: No, I am having stomach complain now

How is your health condition now?

Primary Witness: That what I was talking, when it reaches some day my stomach can be hurting.

Have gone to hospital?

Primary Witness: Yes, and they give me some medicine and that what helping me now.

Commissioner Washington: Egnes sorry for what happened to you. Did you hear later on who was their commander?

Primary Witness: No. at the time when I came from there my step mother took me to Ivory Coast

What was the time?

Primary Witness: I was very small in 1990, Ivory coast that the place my aunty carried me
How long you still in Ivory Coast?

Primary Witness: I stay 7 years in Ivory Coast

Your step mother is she alive?

Primary Witness: Yes, my aunty in Brao

You said that they tied you eyes and they were speaking Krahn

Primary Witness: yes

Can you give the name of where she is?

Primary Witness: She is living Doe community

What is her name?

Primary Witness: Her name aunty Betty Keh

Are you pregnant now?

Primary Witness: Yes

Do you have other children now?

Primary Witness: Yes, one girl and a boy

Are you happy?

Primary Witness: Yes

Are you happy in your life?

Primary Witness: No

You have all your children and you say that you are not happy with your life?

Primary Witness: Yes, I happy

Commissioner Dolopei: where is your uncle?

Primary Witness: My uncle, he passed away

What is his name?

Primary Witness: No I was small, so don't know his name

Commissioner Syllah

Where is your mother?

Primary Witness: My ma, my ma she passed away


Primary Witness: During this war she passed away

During this war?

Primary Witness: The time the war was fighting she passed away

What happened, she was sick or what?

Primary Witness: No she was not sick, they carried her and they killed her

Who killed her?

Primary Witness: LPC

Were you here?

Primary Witness: That time I was not here, that time they carried me. So my sisters them say oh the time they catch our ma they killed our ma. So that how I get to know

What is the name of your ma?

Primary Witness: Sucy

Commissioner Coleman: Thank you for coming to the TRC, what happened to you is an act of evil; as such you have already taken the burden off your head so we are sorry for what happened to you.

Commissioner Konneh: I am sorry for what happened. Today you have two children and you are pregnant. There are other people that living and what they did to you happened to them and they can have child. You and your husband should try for your children to learn, be educated and learn how to read and write, let them be trained if they have three qualities they won't have to suffer. What they can do to you sister don't do to other sister. She is some body else wife or sister. First of all act as mother and take care of the children. You said that these people were treating people badly. Do you remember any of the people that were doing these things?

Primary Witness: No, I was small at that time

Chairman: All of us get problems, while we sit in our sets, we all have things on our minds, but we can say all here now. Can you tell us, anything that is on you mind to tell us before you go?

Primary Witness: Yes, I want for your to help me to put my children to school and for your to help me to build my house.

What are doing this time?

Primary Witness: nothing, I don't get any help

You na doing farming, you na cooking for your husband, what are doing now, Is your husband here with you?

Primary Witness: Yes

What is his name?

Primary Witness: His name, Solo

Chairman: what is he doing?

Primary Witness: nothing, but he can he can cut palm, brush bush, and take contract.

Thirteenth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Fish Town City River County
Emannuel Nyepan Sukuta
(Forth Primary Witness of day two)

The Forth Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: good afternoon and welcome to the TRC Public Hearings. We want to thank you for taking up your time to come and tell your story to the people of Liberia, River Gee County and the Commissioners of the TRC.
When were you born?

Primary Witness: Dec 19, 1974,

Where are you from?

Primary Witness: I am from Woliken.

What is your occupation?

Primary Witness: I am doing farming

Primary Witness: My reason of coming is I was caught by the LPC in the year 1994 Friday morning, when they enter this region I escape with my family and went to the IC but the system was too hard so I came to harvest rice and carry it for my family and when I went to the cocoa it was over ripe and I pick some and the NPFL call us to town and say the whole region is free and we should come back to the town and so I came back to the town. When we enter after four days they fighters and they sent two arm men to our town and they put us out and say what are you people doing here and we said we are cleaning around our house ands the say that general is calling your, General Campari and when we went to look the long line was coming. We were confuse and one man they call PYJ that in the front of his house they were and the caught me and my small brother and they give us loads and they said you are going on the training base and after training you will come and rule your people. And we went, and my feet was over sour with blisters and I said today is my last day if God na help and I told general Satan that I na able because the car was giving them hard time.

The called I and one other boy called Abu that one of the Taylor fighter son and I manage that he and myself escape from them, before escape, the Satan man sent me and the boy and he give us one army man and I told him to go and he left us back and when we look through the darkness and we couldn't see the man and we drop the loads and we escape from the people not knowing arm man was behind us and he see the load and he went and told Satan that the people you sent escape and he told the people to burn the car and they lunch and when the reach to the place we drop the loads they started firing, not knowing we were close to them and me and the boy went to the town in the morning.

When we got to the town we started picking up things cigarette and other things, and we left when we were going to Gbeh we met the people who they killed in Weckoken the people were going to burry people and the foolish boy with me arrested the people and I said you don't know this is my area and I told the people sorry and I gave them some cigarette and we left and I went to my town and I was sick for one month. That the cigarette I carry safe me that is what happened to me.

Questions from the Commissioners:

Chairman: thank you for the statement and we say sorry for what happened to you. How many hours you walked on bare foot?

Primary Witness: About three hours.

Commissioner Coleman: do you having to know any general of the LPC called General Satan?

Primary Witness: I could only know the name but not to picture him.

Was he amongst those that capture you?

Primary Witness: No.

Commissioner Washington: you are testifying as a victim who was capture by the LPC to go fro training but you luckily escape that is you never joined them?

Primary Witness: No

The name you mentioned as the General of the LPC who capture you?

Primary Witness: He is General Satan.

You said you never saw him?

Primary Witness: I saw him, but he was too dirty with jacket and some kind of heart you could not see his face clear, but I can't picture him.

How many of you they capture that they were carrying?

Primary Witness: We were nine from the same town and four of us were brothers from the same house.

Do you known what happened to the other brothers?

Primary Witness: One of them is here now with me and the other one escape and all of them survive.

What happened to the others?

Primary Witness: The nine of us from the town we all survive.

What was the quantity of the cigarette for you said you survive on it?

Primary Witness: It was four bags

Were there people in the town that you took the cigarette from?

Primary Witness: No we did not take the cigarette form the town; we found it on the high way.

When you got back to your town were there people?

Primary Witness: No there was nobody.

Commissioner Stewart: when they met you were there people from the nearby town?

Primary Witness: No it was only the fighters but later we saw the people they took from Maryland and other place.

What kind of weapons they had?

Primary Witness: So many guns, but I don't know what kind of guns they had.

What did they do to the people who were with them?

Primary Witness: We were all totting loads.

Did you see them killed anybody?

Primary Witness: I saw them when the kill the 13 men in Wechoken.

Did they burn any house in the area?

Primary Witness: In my presence I never saw them burning house.

Did they have women and children among them?

Primary Witness: They had women and children among them.

What language were they speaking?

Primary Witness: They were speaking Krahn and English.

What kind of vehicle you talked about?

Primary Witness: That is the car they were coming with so when I escape they thought I was going to call the NPFL so they burned the car.

Chairman: thanks again for coming, where were you in 2003

Primary Witness: I was in my home town Wollekan, the looting they did to me was on my farm, that time I had one and a half acre of plantain farm.

What about others in the town?

Primary Witness: The only thing they did was they carry the cattle in the town.

Thank you for coming and sharing your experience. What is your last statement?

Primary Witness: Thank you very much according to the information I gave I am happy because they say we are coming to say what happened and not to carry us to judge. I am asking the TRC for their security protection because I don't know if the man can have bad mind for me.

Do you think he know you?

Primary Witness: Well today TRC brought me here so he might know me.

Well what we are doing here every body will know, because they are documenting the proceeding, but you are expressing reservation that Satan may hunt you because of what you are saying as such I am asking you whether it will help if we stop your picture from going out and outing you name on the radio, will that help?

Primary Witness: I thank you that one will help.

Okay after here our security people will talk to you, then you can tell them about any security concerns.

Fourteenth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Fish Town City River County
Roseline K. Teh
(Fifth Primary Witness of day two)

The Fifth Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: good afternoon and welcome to the TRC public hearings and for taking up your time to come to the hearings to tell your story to the people of Liberia, River Gee County and the Commissioners of the TRC.

Where do you come from?

Primary Witness: Fishtown

When were you born?

Primary Witness: 1964

What do you do?

Primary Witness: Farmer

Primary Witness: 2003 during the war on the 21 of may I the morning I don't know the hour. A group of people came they say they were Krahn boys they say they heard that some body carry his market things, as soon they got there they stated calling us say your come out side you sit down here, I was in my 9th month pregnancy and they started shooting between my legs then I went off and that's how the put me on the mattress until I could come to myself.

And they say they moh [must] give me small money but the boy little market thing they carry all after they went from that day when I came to myself I never use to feel anything in my stomach, like the way the baby can be moving in your stomach and I was like that until up to the 29 and 30th I gave birth the child here was swollen up so this child you can see here she was born sickly but where will I carry the child and I brought the child here in Fishtown and the doctor one Cecelia say the child had a heart problem but she said if things are getting alright I will recommend that you take this child to Monrovia, and when I took her to Monrovia, that the same thing the doctors told me at JFK that she has heart problem. They took her x-ray and he told me that the child needs heart surgery. He said they will give some drugs but it can't help solve anything and the syrup that they recommended the syrup is not here that one Daniel in the America who help us and send us one but the Deducslein is not so easy to found in Monrovia that the problem the war left me in. some time when things happened and you explaining it you can forget some thing and as we going I will remember some and infact when they left after three days they came back three days again.

I want you people to please really help with my child, and the doctors gave whole lots of condition, we should not make here vex, no salt and whole lot of things, so I don't know how many time she got to spend with me because every time somebody beat her that's a worry for me because I don't even know if she will make it.......[burst into cry]

Medical report shown by witness...

Commissioner Konneh: you don't need to cry now it is time to put your faith in the almighty who made you to deliver is also capable of satisfying you as far your child health is concern. You said certain time you could not feel any thing and father some time you started feeling the child moving and later you deliver that was the miracle of God. So don't cry.

Chairman: we assure that we will do what we have to do, we hold word;

She is how many years old now?

Primary Witness: May 30 will make her 5 years now.

What is her name?

Primary Witness: Aly Teh

Primary Witness: The doctor said she should not eat those starchy food so what I start to do the same we can eat only salt we cant give her.

Fifteenth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Fish Town City River County
Michael Freeman
(Sixth Primary Witness of day two)

The Sixth Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: thank you for coming to the TRC to tell your story. The floor is all yours, you can go ahead.

Primary Witness: 1994, we were in our town when the LPC entered in the morning, when they enter security was in the town and my brother came and told me that people that are not from here are among us so your should be careful so we started to run, then a light came from down the hill and flash in Chill eyes and he had pressure and people cross over him. In the morning the man carry him behind his brother house and we burry him in a 2 and a half feet grave and they capture Wobo Weccoken and they capture 12 people and they took us to Levi Wilson house and they begin to ask us question. They said which type of job your doing in the town and we ask them who are you people and they say they are LPC and the leader came up and say I am general Satan and the papie them in the town told us to leave because we were small.

We were there and David Cheaqpie escape and one papie and they said the other people escape so we will kill all of your and they killed five person and the shot one person so before they came to the town we all ran away, and in the night we were coming to the town and we were afraid. When we entered we say dead people and we buried the six people we say and we escape and when we got to the border the soldiers refuse is to cross and say the LPC did not come and while we were there some man were running and he came and say the LPC coming and we e
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