Greenville City: Day 2

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The Second Day of the TRC Public Hearings Proceedings held on Tuesday March 11, 2008 at the Greenville City Hall, Sinoe County. The Hearings session started with the Commissioners of the TRC being ushered into their seats, followed by a welcome remarks form the Chairman of the TRC Cllr. Jerome Verdier, who then called on the Hearings Officer Pastor John Teayah to invite the first Primary Witness to give his testimony.

Fourth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Greenville City Sinoe County
Brown B. Dorma
(First Primary Witness of day Two)

The First Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer. He was accompanied by a translator.

Chairman: good morning and welcome to the TRC public hearings and for taking up your time to come to the hearings to tell your story to the people of Liberia, Sinoe County and the Commissioners of the TRC. We are happy to receive you because we believe it is the responsibility of every responsible citizen to contribute to this reconciliation process that is the reason why we are here.

Primary Witness: I thank God for your to call me to explain what happened to me in the past.

When were you born?

Primary Witness: I was born in the first eclipse that occurred in Liberia.

Where do you live?

Primary Witness: I stay to Sclabo

What are you doing for a living?

Primary Witness: I am a farmer; I am also a craft man.

Primary Witness: What happened to me is I was in the town then my children two boys and two girls went to look for food and they were killed. Behind them my brother wife and children were killed. I went in the bush to look at my trap and when returning the rebels catch me, for me to come to my self I was in their hands and they started treating me. during the time the grab me they chap me then I was laying down then my brother children came to look for me and they cross their eyes over me and I say my people let me here I am not dead and they pick me up and they carry me to town. One man they took me to he is the one that cure me till today. My brother children one name Joah Doe then they sent me drugs and when the people were coming they told them if you go you will not meet your brother alive and he said if he is dead I will burry him. So the second war was coming and we ran away from the town and we went to Tasou and they killed my brother wife and the children and when the war cease we came to Botter and we report ourselves to the commissioner and he said this Papie can be here to advise me and the other rest can go and while I was there the commissioner made me the pastor for the church in his compound. That is the story; if you want you can come and see where they chap me.

Questions from the Commissioners:

Chairman: Thank you, is the wound heal?

Primary Witness: The mark is here you can come and see it.

Commissioner Stewart: went o the witness to see the marks on his neck. On the right side of his face from the corner of his jaw there is a deep wound that extends to his neck that was sewed together like the neck was almost cut off.

We want to say sorry for what happened to you and for the lost of your brother and his family and for the lost of your wife. We want to thank God for sparing your life, normally when war happen those of us that live are the ones that tell the story. At this stage the Commissioners will ask some questions. Where did the whole incident happen?

Primary Witness: In Saclibo which is my town.

Can you remember the year it took place?

Primary Witness: If I say that this year I will lie to you people but is was the LPC.

Commissioner Konneh: we gather from your statement that you are now a pastor?

Primary Witness: Yes

With that understanding we don't need to tell you about God, for as a pastor you know what God can do. What happened to you is a further manifestation that if people go against you and God is on your side you will survive. It is in this regards that you are here to tell you story, so we want to thank God for saving your life. You said that you were in your town, and your four children went to look for food, can you tell us their names?

Primary Witness: Yes, they are Butty, Sayon, Nunwleh, and Sackotu, they are the first people they killed.

How old were these children?

Primary Witness: They are all older, they are not young, Sayon was married, Nunwleh was married Butty is the older then the married one and Sackou was married.

You also talked about the rebels' caught your brother and they killed him and his children?

Primary Witness: Yes

The time the catch you, do you know what kind of this they use to cut your neck?

Primary Witness: They use cutlass

Do you remember the names of any of them?

Primary Witness: I don't know their names; I only remember they were LPC

Do you know if there was Tasu defense force?

Primary Witness: No, during that time they were not in existence.

Can you tell us the name of your brother that was killed and his wife?

Primary Witness: The man is Kaitu and the woman is Tani, my daughter they killed to Tasu is Nyudeh.

Did they burned any houses or take cattle from anybody?

Primary Witness: I can't remember that, when they did the act to me I was confused.

Commissioner Syllah: thank you very much for coming to tell us your story. Do you remember the ages of the children and how they were killed?

Primary Witness: Yes I can remember, they use cutlass to kill them and they were cut to pieces including my family.

What about your brother?

Primary Witness: The same method.

Do you know why your family was targeted?

Primary Witness: I can not explain that.

Did your sister leave any children?

Primary Witness: Yes she left a girl child who is in Monrovia.

Do you now have any children?

Primary Witness: Yes only two are alive, woman and a man the girl is married and the one in Monrovia his name is Joah.

Where were you when they went to look for your brother?

Commissioner Coleman: I am sorry for the lost of all of your family members.

Commissioner Coleman: how is your health right now?

Primary Witness: My body is alright and God is taking good care of me.

Are you able to turn your neck around?

Primary Witness: Yes it is working.

Chairman: we want to tank you again for your very moving testimony which has contributed to our work. You have told us how innocent people died in the arms of the fighters not because of what they did but because they were innocently targeted. Even the international community is concern about what happened to your people, and that is the same message we bring that you are not alone. Is there anything you want to say before you leave?

Primary Witness: I tell God thank you for the work that you have come to do here. May God take care of you people, the work that you came to do my God be in the midst of it, that is what I have to say for Christ Sake.

Fifth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Greenville City Sinoe County
Esther Saydee
(Second Primary Witness of day two)

The Second Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and she was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: good morning and welcome to the TRC public hearings and for taking up your time to come to the hearings to tell your story to the people of Liberia, Sinoe County and the Commissioners of the TRC.

Where do you live?

Primary Witness: Weahs Town

What do you do for a living?

Primary Witness: I am working at the hospital as a midwife and from 1985 starting working at the hospital in Greenville, Sinoe

When were you born?

Primary Witness: 1948

Primary Witness: During this war from 1989 me and my children were here during the 1990 we transfer to my town while we were there 1993 they burnt our town we were living in the bushes, my depending on son Kajah say he going to look for his pa when he left then LPC soldier killed every one of them then I was crying in the bush then one day the same LPC soldier go there then I ran away they catch my brother and his six children plus him 7 of them then I was going to my uncle village I spent 4 weeks there then by 4 in the morning the same LPC soldier surrounded the village and they catch us and carry us to Herga we went there before we entered the town they killed three people among us the few people that remain they carry them to Juason barrack then the other soldier say we must toot their load and bring to Greenville while we were coming we reach to Weahs town where I living now then one boy say because I had oil on my head and they were eating bread fruit so they say I must bring the oil they took the oil and say I must sit outside then one of them say but where is the women who bring this oil he say your call the woman to come and eat then boy who load I was tooting say no that my load tooter then the boy say what this kind of old lady you will treating like this so you eating you can give her piece then the boy say even your are going to kill a goat self you can give it water. Then the boy said I must go the thing I talking here so I was in my birth day suit. That one girl who was living with me called Jalay say oh old ma that you the people want to kill that then Jallay called her people to me that and that how the girl brought lapper for me.

Then my little cousin too brought lapper for me to cover, after few days the commander who was doing the killing too when to look for me then he say Esther don't be afraid if I killing people self that you I will not kill then he took care of me and until my boyfriend sent soldier for me and that how I was saved.

Questions from the Commissioners:

Commissioner Konneh: what is the name of the town was burnt?

Primary Witness: Saul ply mount town, Saul have three towns Saul David, Saul ply mount town and Saul town self the burn all.

Which group did those things?

Primary Witness: No, the people who burnt our town were LPC.

Did you heard of any name called Noriega?

Primary Witness: No

What about Ted Quah?

Primary Witness: The same Ted Quah was in town here but I did not hear say that he burn our town I was I the bush.

How many persons were arrested withy you?

Primary Witness: All of us that were in Uncle Moses village they arrest all of us.

What they did to the people they carry?

Primary Witness: Some of them and killed my uncle who village they catch us from and his two boy sons and one girl child they did reach the people in town here I don't know where they carried them.

Commissioner Coleman: who was the commander that helped you?

Primary Witness: That's not the commander that my boyfriend Dr. Smith from this Sinoe hospital.

What about your family situation now, would you share on that?

Primary Witness: After they killed my son they carried his girl friend as their wife and my grand child that was on her back.

What was your son name?

Primary Witness: Leo Karthey

His wife?

Primary Witness: Marie Doyen she to Weahs town now

What about the child?

Primary Witness: They killed the child I used to call the child baby girl Karthey.

Who all you lost as a result of the war?

Primary Witness: John Saydee, Tah Saydee one girl and five boys children

Your lost your sister too?

Primary Witness: That hunger killed my mother and sister when I ran away.

Your mother's name?

Primary Witness: Betssay Saydee

Your sister's name?

Primary Witness: Rebecca Saydee

Your father?

Primary Witness: Saydee kadah he died 1993 before the war

How did they treat women?

Primary Witness: I did not witness any thing bad like rape.

Commissioner Dolopei: do you have any other children besides the one that was killed?

Primary Witness: Yes

Where are they?

Primary Witness: They are here my son Ojuku Chea is here.

Where was he during the war?

Primary Witness: He was behind the Sinoe river, Mamie Chea in Monrovia, my last child Beatrice Kunn that they three children that leave on my hand.

When they catch your can you tell what are some to the things that happen to your?

Primary Witness: When they caught me they put us in the church and they say we should sing a song that means a man prick makes women to sweat then my uncle son refuse to sing and they started beating him and later he sang.

Did they any thing to women in the church?

Primary Witness: To the podium where the pastor can go and preach that the place they were doing their things and they will tell the other women to stand and watch and that what they own with the women?

They did anything to you too?

Primary Witness: No that one little boy came to me that he will have me to night then I hold his foot and told him say bobby you know I you mama if you have me ehn you having your mama then he say ok that true mama I will not do it to you I say even beating no one did it to me.

Commissioner Stewart: can you remember of any of the commander?

Primary Witness: No

Who was the big man in the church where they carried you?

Primary Witness: My brother if trouble behind you will have any chance to ask the only persons that I know they called him Sayweah he the one who took my delivery tools from me.

Where they beating people, they tabay people?

Primary Witness: Not before me they did it but I did not witness it

How many people were in the church?

Primary Witness: I did not check the people

Who was the big man that you know?

Primary Witness: One of the commanders that I can remember is called cow liver

Did you know cow liver before?

Primary Witness: No

They brunt any house in the town Gbalaboque and Weahs towns?

Primary Witness: No that time they were not burning house but I think that in weahs town I saw burnt houses.

Did they give young boys gun to fight?

Primary Witness: I don't know, I saw young boys with gun but I cant tell if they force them or so.

They force any woman?

Primary Witness: No I was the only one was among them that day.

Did any of children held gun?

Primary Witness: During the 1990 war the Gio people force my son Ojuku who they force to hold gun he was living with his girlfriend where the Gio people were living. But he put the guns
Tamba Yeka he was living in the port and Noriega.

Primary Witness: Last word: the only thing I told my husband that I am coming to spend one day then now it now turn to two days so that the thing now I thing your can write my OIC about it.

Sixth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Greenville City Sinoe County
Roland Smith
(Third Primary Witness of day two)

The Third Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer. She was accompanied by an interpreter.

Chairman: good afternoon and welcome to the TRC public hearings and thank you for taking up your time to come to the hearings to tell your story to the people of Liberia.

What is your name once again?

Primary witness: Roland Smith

What is your date of birth, or when were you born?

Primary witness: 1974 June 9

Where do you live?

Primary witness: I live in Bilobo Creek

What is your occupation?

Primary witness: Student

What school do you attend?

Primary witness: WCA (Wyday Christian Academy)

What is your level now?

Primary witness: 11grade

Primary witness: I am here to explain what I saw, and to say the fact. July 27 1990, when the rebel reached Bilobo Creek, they cycle the whole town, only one road they never cycle, from the barrack to Julu's town. There where every one carried running, and when we ran to the area after three days, the NPFL boys starting looking for our feet mark on the ground where we are they see our feet mark until they reached where we were. So after few days, the commander by the name of Noriega gave order that they should go and look for all the civilians. So when they reached to our village, one guy by the name of Badchild, the real name they called him Nagbe. He start calling us that no one should run we are not here to kill. We are here to take everyone of your home. Through that two of my brothers them they were running, and they say they were enemy. During that two of them were killed. So after when they brought us to town. When we were reaching in the town there was nothing to identify all the town was smoke, including my father seven room house they got burned. So when we reached in the town, when we were in the town for few days, the man told us that we should get in one fence, the boys, the men were in one fence and the women were in certain big house. At the time when the boys want to have sex with them, they can go in that house and command them. Through that my sisters Alinna Saybwueh, Cecelia Saybwueh, and Getrude Saybwueh, Ellen Nyemleh refused to have sex with them. So for that reason they killed them. When they killed them the same Badchild, he called one girl by the name of by the name of Precious he wanted to have sex, by the name of Liza rather. When he called Liza he told Liza that I want to have sex with you. Liza said oh Badchild, I am pregnant. So I don't able to have sex with you so please consider me. Badchild said no, since you don't want to have sex with me, then I will kill you. That is the time he haul certain steel rod he place it in the fire. Then he called Liza, when the steel rod turn red he said Liza put your hand on the ground. Liza put her hand on the ground, the man was able to juke the steel rod in her and when it reached in that when Liza dropped on the ground. Through that we were there then the commanding General gave order that should release us to look for our food. So through looking for the food in the town now, that the time they were still doing secret killing. We ran in the bush back. We were in the bush for few days there were no food that cause my mother to die, she went into the creek and sifter the sand the small, small one them, she brought it to my little brother them and they start eating the sand. They ate it for one and half day so were in the bush. That is the time Badchild came again, he say I am Sappo man who was the spokesman for the Rebel, your home no one will die. So after when we reached now, we reached in the town that the time he said that he was a NPFL man. And now you people here to be with us. If we have any work for your to do it. So when we were in the town. The secret killing that was going on we not satisfy we ran in the bush back. We ran in the bush we were to Karwhyday way. So at that time there was rebel time any time when your doing anything something your can send some on the road to be the watchmen to be watching. So at that time one man by the name of John Twuahbo he was on the road that was E-90 with M-16 he was watching he left his arm among the rice. So when the man watching were harvesting that in 1991 now we were harvesting on the farm that the time the rebel came to that village. When they saw the man straight they opened suppressive fire the man dropped. He started rolling to his arm everyone of us ran into the bushes. He rolled to his arm, he picked up his arm and started shooting among them too, he hit two of them, that was the NPFL boys he hit two of them. So after we ran to the tank we were worrying about the man. By the time we go look he reached to us he say I was hit oh but though I hit two of them too so let us be here. So when they came, when they came back, the commander gave order, at that time the commander they called him Joe KerKer, Jackson (Alex Jackson) All Living thing pass away, colonel Zoegar, they were controlling them. So when they reached they gave them order that they the soldier that get injured to go all the way to Pynes' town to kill everyone of us. That the time they came midnight, they were rocking at the door. They reached to your door they rocked at your door you opened they tied you. They were able to collected 13 elderly men. One man by the name of James Madiah the town chief, the Peter Solo, yes Peter Solo Jim Brown. And the Mr. Cartoe they collected them. That their name I can't remember. So they used their silent weapon they killed the 13 papay. So after killing them, we look at the whole situation we know that we were not save, we go back in the bush. We were in the bush we remain in the bush until 1993. LPC came they brought us to town. That the time we was with ourselves small. So when we were in the town they used to give us small, small things. But they asked us to joined them, I say among my father children I the older child and I am the only man that attending now so I am not able to join rebel business. If I joined rebel business if I die then my father lost the way my mother die. So I will not join you people. And I was in the town with LPC until we were able to get our living. That is the end of my sorry

Questions from the Commissioners:

Chairman: thank you Roland and have our sympathy for the death of your mother and others. The Commissioners will now ask you few questions to get some clarifications.

Commissioner Steward: You say, you are from Bilobo Creek?

Primary Witness: Bilibo Creek

This John Tweh boy, is he alive?

Primary Witness: Yes

What was his roll was he part of the fighting group?

Primary Witness: at that time he was one of the E-90

Oh he was a Soldier?

Primary Witness: he was a soldier, yes

And he has his arm with him?

Primary Witness: yes

And the NPFL came and they fire at him and he was able to fire back

Primary Witness: he was staying in the bush with us

Did he survive?

Primary Witness: yes, he survived

Who was the grand commander?

The grand commander at that time?

Primary Witness: we were having Joe Kerker and Colonel Joegar

Joe Kerker is his real name?

Primary Witness: at that time we were not able to ask, and we can't go around them only their soldiers them would know.

What is bad child real name?

Primary Witness: Badchild he name himself as Nagbe

Is he still around today?

Primary Witness: No I don't know his destination, that time he was in the town with those generals them. They were using him because he speak Sappo well

Was he the same person that demanded to have sex with the pregnant woman was it the same Badchild?

Primary Witness: Yes

And he is the one who used the hot iron to kill her?

Primary Witness: yes, he put the steel rod in the fire

About how many people you think were in that fence?

Primary Witness: more than 500 the men

Where were they killing them?

Primary Witness: when they catch you sometimes they carry you on the creek, Nedueh, they carry you there they killed on the bridge. They chunk you in the water or they carry you say let walk on the road. Or sometime let go for some for us on the road, you followed them they killed you there.

So they killed a lot of people at the Creek, Nedueh?

Primary Witness: yes`

And they threw their bodies into the water?

Primary Witness: yes but it now still long because it was 1990, all some of them bones are still in the water

People from the town can still see some of the bones in the water?

Primary Witness: yes, even around the town self.

Bones are still there?

Primary Witness: yes in the bushes, some area there where I know I can carry people there for them to see the bones.

What the town people decided they want to bury those bone or?

Primary Witness: The bones are still in the same area

How many people were kill out of the 500 from that fence from that town?

Primary Witness: I don't know I never counted them, but most of the people were killed

Do you town remember the names of the people that were killed in that town?

Primary Witness: I don't have the list but if you can go there and ask any of the elderly people they can give you the names, or they can name those that die but I can remember some people names: one James Zeto Isaac, one John Jalo, and one Borbor Brown only three them name I can remember.

Where they feeding them or they were just keeping them there?

Primary Witness: three or four cups they will call them to have one spoon and you send your hand it go there then that one there that your owner food of the day.

Commissioner Coleman: Did they allow captive to have their woman?

Primary Witness: No,

Can you remember other women that they killed?

Primary Witness: I don't know the name of them only the four women that I can remember.

What was the reason that they kept people in the fence?

Primary Witness: I think that because was a best place for them to keep to and from there they could kill them, and because they thought that the Sapo people were Krahn and that they were in sympathy with Doe

LPC period what was happening then?

Primary Witness: I can't tell now at the time when LPC brought me town and give us food and medicine

When did LPC start?

Primary Witness: LPC came to our place in 1993

Before LPC came what happened then?

Primary Witness: that the time used to going the bush. I and my family went far away from them about six hours walked. There were I was until LPC came.

How did the LPC treat you?

Primary Witness: They went for us in the bushes and brought us town and give us food and medicines and they treated us nice

How long do you still in Ivory Coast?

Primary Witness: Six year

When did you come back to Liberia?

Primary Witness: 1994

Do you have children?

Primary Witness: I have 4 living children

Commissioner Syllah: beside the 4 ladies that were killed do they killed other women?
Primary Witness: I can't call all their name but I can only remember two women, One Anna and Susanna.

Do they have children?

Primary Witness: One has one child and the other one has three children

How do they kill them?

Primary Witness: When we came they catch them because they refuse to have sex with them, they killed them with gun

Do you remember their ages?

Primary Witness: No, but one have a child and the other have two children

Do you remember the commander?

Primary Witness: Joe kerker, Col. Joegar, and All Living Things Pass Away

Do you know her before?

Primary Witness: No, but what I know she was a Sapo girl because she speak Sapo

Commissioner Konneh: There was pregnant woman what was her name?

Primary Witness: Liza

Beside Liza what was the name of the other girls that they killed?

Primary Witness: Alinna Saybwueh, Cecelia Saybwueh, and Getrude Saybwueh, Ellen Nyemleh

Where these 500 people were these all Sapo?

Primary Witness: I can tell most of them were speaking Sapo

What happened that they started killing only the Sapo?
Primary Witness: I think that they think that Sapo people were supporting President Doe

Where were these Sapo people collected, or how do they collect them?

Primary Witness: when the people came they send Badchild and he said that they were Sapo people and they took us to town but after three weeks then they started collecting them and started putting them in the fence.

Do you have other brothers?

Primary Witness: yes

Can you give the name and ages?

Primary Witness: Solatoe born 1981, Martin born 1987

Do you know other people - men that were killed?

Primary Witness: James Madiah town chief Elajah Solo, Peter David, and James Carted they are from Sebueh town.

Were there some misunderstand between the Kru and the Sapo?

Primary Witness: No,

Chairman: do you know whether Badchild is still alive?

Primary Witness: I don't know whether he is living.

Who build the prison that you talked about?

Primary Witness: It was public works camp

How did Badchild use this hot rod on the girl?

Primary Witness: The first thing he did was he put the rod in the fire and it got red and then he beat the girl with the rod until she died.

Before you go do you have any last word?

Primary Witness: What I have say previously, I will like to pay attention to my school and also I have children that have to support with school materials, uniforms for copy books and things them. Because I am not working now I myself I have my family them. I want to keep them in school

Seventh Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Greenville City Sinoe County
Theresa K. Chea
(Fourth Primary Witness of day two)

The Fourth Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and she was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: good morning and welcome to the TRC public hearings and for taking up your time to come to the hearings to tell your story to the people of Liberia, Sinoe County and the Commissioners of the TRC.

When were you born?

Primary Witness: I was born 1970.

Where do you live?

Primary Witness: I live in Bitura.

What are you doing presently?

Primary Witness: I am a farmer.

Primary Witness: During the year 1993, when LPC came, I and my family we went to Tisue. We were there for some months. Later on, the LPC boys went to the burdens between Bitua and Tisue and river. They put one man under gun point to cross them to Tisue. When the LPC boys went in Tisue, the war began. I was having two years old child she and myself slept in the bush for one week we can't find no body, later on my uncle came and they find us. My uncle say let's go back to our area, let move from Tisue here. My uncle and myself we cross the river and came back. We were in the bush, I say uncle, look at my child swollen up myself too, look at my body no soap. So the best I will go Tubar, to be boiling sea water. That time, we were boiling sea water. We used to make it out of salt. I went Tubar I registered my name. They give me my Citizen ID card. I came back to the other town they call Gbawon, that the place I were ah fixing cocoa nut oil and fixing salt. Any time when I get little salt then I carried to my uncle. At last, one time we were there, that was 1995, December 19, my uncle said Theresa, I dream bitterly, tonight we are not sleeping in town. I say uncle you who just coming from in the bush that you dream again, but for me I stayed long here if you want to go in the bush again, you and your woman your can go. But the little salt I cooked, carry it with you. This last one, when I dry it, I will buy my slipper, for me to come. Then he say okay, carry us half way now I executed them. Later on late in the evening, I back my child we were coming, we reached in the town. Not known, the NPFL boys, they already cross the river. That time one man they called Philip George, he came to the Tasue boys them, together with some Bitura boys and Gbarwon boys all off them they joined together they came that night. We were only three women in the town. The other woman, when I carried my uncle half way when I came back, the woman say Theresa, I say yes, she say when you get money, come credit me five-dollar, Let me go buy my cigarette in that town. So I say okay, let go let me carry you in town. When the woman and myself we were going, we were passing through arm bush, the children were there. We bought the cigarette and came back. The other woman say here the food here. That time my daughter was four years old. I took her from my back. I told her say come let we eat. She say no I not eating. I say what happen? She say and uncle carry us in the bush and you bring us back in the town. I say forget about that one there. Tomorrow when we go Greenville when I buy my slipper then we will go back to my uncle in the bush. Come eat now, she say I na want eat. I myself I start feeling bad. The two women and myself ate, I left the food. The two women took bath. Myself too, I went to take bath. When I went to go take bath, the fear ness was in me; I just took the bucket I put the water on myself, I f even warped my skin, I went inside. The two women and myself we start lecturing they went sound to sleep. Myself too time for me to lay down. The other boy went in the room he start knocking the mat, then I say who that? He said, fun-fun, your come outside here and I say what your name and he say Fewfur and he say what's your name too and I say my name Theresa. The other boy went to the door pushed the door in the fire. I say I coming, I took my daughter and put her on my back. While coming down from on the mat, the other boy hole me by my lapper and trough me under the plum three my daughter drop on the grand, myself I was on the other side. The little girl start crying, the other man took the baby and say eh hold your baby and say my man your wait for order. He say what kind of order we should wait for we see our enemy baby, then we should wait for order. My daughter was crying. The boy took the girl and say eh back your daughter, so I back my daughter. So one of my brother they call him Tearkuyah, he came and say to me Theresa, Theresa, the thing you know when they come to you that what you much say. The thing you not know you much not explain it. I say but what I know? The other boy they call Zekerus say oh Theresa, I say oh Zakerus, he put slap in my ear. He said I am a dame super killer don't call me Zekerus. They call me super killer.

I say oh super killer he said bring that deem Stephen Nyan baby here. I say that now Stephen Nyan baby that my baby. He went he took the girl from my back and throw her in the plantain bush. He told the other boy say clear my farm. The boy say no I will not do it. Then the other went again and took the little girl. When he gave me the little girl, I put her on my back, he this Zekerus man, and then he went to Madonall Taipleh. He say General Drangon, I see our enemy baby, the children want play friendly business. So when they play, we will fire, fire among ourself. Madonall came, he used the knife he tear my lapper on the side, he took my daughter he say your go and killed her. All the children start holding her. Super killer came to me, and say if I get my chicken no body want kill it I will kill it. Then super killer went and held the cut less [crying] they cut my baby vine from behind her feet. That how they cut the vine, cut the vine my baby started crying, Theresa come to me oh, Theresa come to me oh. Myself I was thinking say they hurt her. They only hurt her. Then the children came to me. Then they came to the other woman they say what your husband, what your child. The other woman say, our children, they rebel. They joined NPFL. We just on LPC line, but we not on LPC side. They say alright, so long the two of you, your NPFL people, your get one side. That this other woman we will deal with. They caught me, they starting beating me, they starting beating me. Then super killer came to me and say eh, we finished killing your chicken, come pay us. I say I get money. He say you deem lie you get money. Just in that time, NPFL was using JJ. LPC was using liberty. I went and loosen my lapper and give him the ten dollars. When I gave him the money, he told one of his friend say give me the cut less let me cut her head and see weather she will live, so she will know that I serious. I don't think that she will live. He carried the cut less up, for him to knock it, the boy say ?are you were.' You he say, what your name? I say my name Theresa. He say alright my name Barbo born you ya, I say alright. He say this child here this child that die not know nothing about the war. You that go marry Stephen Nyan, and he now go joined LPC, that you will feel the weight, so long we can see Stephen Nyan.

The way this baby die, you will die take her from in front me. The children jack me. That time, I was almost script naked, nothing was on me. They carry me right besides the child I could see some of the red ants on my baby when they lay me side the child, the ants was on my daughter, it was walking on me, biting me. Myself, I start doing like this. For me to look the other boy took the aunts and put it on my face, my whole face was dark. Then he say your give me the cut less. For them to give him the cut less, then Afraid Fine was coming, then they say the pappy coming oh. Then I get up, they said what the girl lapper, they say your give the girl her lapper and fine girl hole your lapper and weep yourself and go sit down. They give me my lapper and I sat down. Afraid Fine came, he say how many women in the town? We say we only three women and where all your men? We say we know where all our man gone. He say you're the women your be in this town. We going Greenville, we going capture the town. When we capture, then we will carry your. Then the super man came and asked, he say pappy, I want drink this girl say no water so please let her carry me for water? He say no, so long you cross Sastur river, this area here that enemy zoom your let's go. The super killer man collected three of his men, they set four. They hide them self in one house, they start going. When they went, I touch Comfort like this and say Comfort, Rebecca, I know the place they put my daughter. Then all of us we started crying, oh, oh when we look the children advanced their gun, who crying? We say no body crying. They say your lie somebody crying. Then I call Comfort, that you crying? Comfort say no maybe that Rebecca crying, Rebecca say, so that me much die. Then they say alright, so long nobody crying, everybody much laughed. We started laughing. They say if your laugh, that this woman we will deal with. Super killer get up right away, he say, your go bring water let this girl take bath. The boy carried the bucket side my baby and chop, chop all my baby body and put the blood in the bucket and brought it and told me to wash my face. He say oh you not take bath last night? I say I toke bath. He say you deem lie, you waste water over yourself. I put my hand in the blood I wash my face. I put my hand three times, the last one he put the blood all over my body. My body was just like this. One boy flash the light on my face and say this girl die and he say yes let her die. I the one was approaching her she say she want me, she go marry to Stephen that what I killed the baby for myself that what I killed her for. The place she will find Stephen, that what I will see. While going now the other say let go take her and throw her away. The four of then came and one hold me by one foot and the other hole me by the hand. And they say when we be throwing her, her nick will break. The pappy that own that town he get one big pineapple farm that the place they throw me. I just felt something on my heart like chicken baby. I was hearing pain on my heart until they reach on the beach I can hear them talking again, but when I open my eye just like the moon coming fall on me. Then I can just hole the banana tree when I open my eye the whole cloud was turning. I was on that grand until little strength came to me. When I went to my daughter, I went to pick her she was heavy and the aunts was on her and just biting me I throw her down and went in the bush to my uncle. When I went in the bush to my uncle that one, when I came to my self, my uncle told me say I slept in the bush for two days. When he found me, I was acting like some body who crazy. Because any time the blood sent get in my nose, I will take dry leave and any kind of leave and burn it for the sent to go in my nose. My uncle went in the bush to one old ma and her husband. That two of them came they put medicine in my eye and in my nose, before two days my uncle went to them. Before reaching to their town, the boys finished killing them. They say when some body crazy that your like to cure then, they killed the pappy and his wife. My uncle came running back and say they killed the man and his wife. We left from there from fish town now. We came to our town the children them ran behind us again. At time we were thirteen in the town, but only five run away they killed eight. They killed my uncle, my Aunty and all her children them. From then now before LPC start going in all the bush now looking for people. The other boy saw I and my family them and he say you, I will not kill you, but you my woman. I say when you want me, you will save my life. Tell my people them or you carried us to town, he said no problem.

That the boy brought my ma, my uncle and all my family, he say but I living Plan farm I going to my town, I say no you will be here. That the boy and myself get the one child that I get now. He was born 1996, he twelve years old.

Questions from the Commissioners:

Vice chairman: Never mind. The thing that happened to you, we say never mind. you did not ask for this war, you didn't ask for your child to be killed, you did nothing to them, but they did all these wickedness to you. The reason why you survived is to come here today and tell this story. They said they were going to cut your hand, as an example for what happened to you, disputes the facts that they didn't cut it, your voice alone, will tell the Liberian people what happened to you during the war. So we say thank you. All these people who did these things to you, are some of them still around today? Do you know most of these people?

Primary witness: Yes. The boy they call super killer he died.

How about the other ones?

Primary witness: One name Barboe Born.

Is he around?

Primary witness: No.

Is that the only two you remember?

Primary witness: I know most of them. They get Madonall Tippeh, he lives in Tisue

Commissioner Stewart: You said all these people from LPC or Tisue force defense Force?

Primary witness: From Tisue defense force.

Who is the leader of that group?

Primary witness: Was Afriad Kpan. They say he brother Bible in his hand. Any time they raallly to do bad when he get there, he will free you.

Was Afraid Kpan a good man?

Primary witness: Yes.

What was Barboe born real name?

Primary witness: No. I don't know his real name.

But when you see him today, will you know him?

Primary witness: No. it was in the dark. I don't know him. I can only make up this MacDonald man and super killer. Because that he the chief dragon.

All of them were there when these things were happening to you?

Primary witness: Yes that MacDonald the one who tear my lapper and took my child from my back. Then super killer killed my daughter.

And this MacDonald, where is he today?

Primary witness: He in his place Tisue.

What is he doing? Faring or what?

Primary witness: He farming

How many persons were killed altogether?

Primary witness: My daughter.

What was her name?

Primary witness: They call her Princelia Nyan.

How old was she?

Primary witness: Four years old.

What the name of your uncle who was killed?

Primary witness: Jester Domba. His mother his wife and his children.

How many children?

Primary witness: His three children, his brother one child, his wife and my other uncle they call Tearwongba

Did you know super killer before?

Primary witness: Yes. Super killer, I know him. He approached me I say I not want him. Then I pass by his place I came to Tisue I married to Stephen Nyan

Was it for that reason they were shooting your?

Primary witness: Yes.

Do you stay live with your baby father?

Primary witness: Stephen Nyan? No he die In recent time.

So this man that you have the last child, are you still together?

Primary witness: No. we part, that Sarpo boy and myself living together. They call him Sharlay Karnneh.

Is he the one who save your life?

Primary witness: Yes.

Commissioner Coleman: Was it your four years old daughter who die or grand daughter?

Primary witness: My four years old daughter. I get grand child.

Who was Stephen Nyan? Was he a defense force or what part did he played?

Primary witness: Stephen Nyan and myself was loving and that how I got the child.

Commissioner Syllah: The baby you have now what is her age?

Primary witness: twelve years old.

Is that the only child that you have now?

Primary witness: Yes.

Does Stephen Nyan have other children?

Primary witness: Yes. By other people.

Commissioner Konneh: Afraid Pan was a member of the Tisue defense force?

Primary witness: Yes. But he was not there when they were killing my daughter. While going to kill me that was the time he came and the children say the pappy coming.

When he got to know that your daughter was killed what did he do?

Primary witness: When they went back to Tisue, then Abel say the mission they sent them on the mission was not established so they were looking for him. They were fighting among then self. So that time he was in hidden .He did not do any bad thing to me. If he was there they were not going to kill my daughter.

Chairman: Thank you ma. Again I want to join all the commissioners and say have our sympathy, for what happen to you and your child. As you have come to the commission, as Commissioner Dolopei say you given your story, on how children were treated and how you were treated and all the other people. So that we can understand what went on during the conflict. And we will all know that war is not good. Is there any last word you have for us?

Primary witness: No. I don't have any thing to say.

Eighth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Greenville City Sinoe County
James Capeh
(Fifth Primary Witness of day two)

The Fifth Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer. He was accompanied by a translator.

Chairman: good afternoon and welcome to the TRC public hearings and I say thank you for taking up your time to come to the hearings to tell your story to the people of Liberia.

Your name again

Primary Witness: Games G. Capeh

Where do you reside?

Primary Witness: I live to Bewekeh

What are you doing now?

Primary Witness: I am a carpenter

Your date of birth

Primary Witness: 1937

Primary Witness: In 1990 when we heard that the war was coming, August 10 then the people arrived to Goastown and people started running some to Grand Gedeh some in the bushes, me and my family go in the bush. I was there 1993 we came to town. In the bush there was one Moses a Loma man and one Guisee man and we were in the bush for six month and the Charles Taylor people came. When the people came then they say Moses your people came and he said my Papie in the bush and he went for me, that is the time Noriega came and took us to Greenville and he said he is looking Jaie Quah and if we don't find him he will kill us. We went to Goason and while they were carrying us, they took us to Newean and they told us your know these people, and we say how we will know dead bodies. So one boy among them who is the commander name Big Boy Jerry for our town say they must leave us and they leave us.

Then again another boy put me in the fence and the fellow who I travel with Big Boy Jerry say your leave the people nothing will happen to them. Then Big Boy Jerry and Joe Boikah are the people who free us in this war. That is what I know.

Questions from the Commissioners:

Chairman: Thank you for sharing your experience with us. So it is the NPFL who captured you. So while you were there you did not see them killing?

Primary Witness: Yes we only saw the bodies.

So do you know who killed those people?

Primary Witness: No sir

Do you know how many dead bodies were there?

Primary Witness: I can't say because there were many dead bodies in the water. So when the people came I took them to the water side and said this is the place, the people were plenty in the water, more then ten. This is the place they were carrying us to kill us before Big Boy Jerry free us.

Do you know the name of the guy who was telling you to look in the water?

Primary Witness: I don't know.

Commissioner Stewart: you said 1990 you went in the bush and came out in 1993 and NPFL was in control with Noriega the commander. When you came which group was there?

Primary Witness: Noriega group

And it is he who told you to look for Ted Quiah?

Primary Witness: Yes he is the one who put us in the car, plenty people and he say we must look for The Quiah and if we don't find them he will kill us. Then his wife say what are you doing with the people, they do not have arms and they celebrated for you yesterday then you want to kill them, then he say we should go.

Who is the person who told you to look at the people in the water?

Primary Witness: That Joe Sephus, when Noriega free us he took us to the water and he wanted to kill us and Big Boy Jerry say the people are free so you should leave them.

Did you recognize the people?

Primary Witness: No they were spoiled before we got there.

Did you miss anybody in the town?

Primary Witness: Yes we missed about 20 people in the town because it is a big town with about 400 houses.

How many people did they carry from the town?

Primary Witness: They carry a lot if small children about four of them, 4-8 years and since they carry them we have not seen them.

What are their names?

Primary Witness: It is their parents that will know their names.

What are the names of the parents?

Primary Witness: Chaile Yankenayan, David, Solomon but they are all dead and their women are also dead.

Commissioner Konneh: thank you for coming to testify. Who is this Jiah Quah?

Primary Witness: He is a Sapo man he was an internal Affairs Minister before

Chairman: you mean Oxford Jiah Quah?

Primary Witness: Yes he is the one

Commissioner Konneh: why was Noriega looking for Sapo people?

Primary Witness: I don't know

Did the person who took you to the water side tell you while?

Primary Witness: Because he is a soldier man, he showed us the bodies and said your will die this morning.

Chairman: we want to tell you tank you for coming and sharing your experience with us. The information showed us how the Sapo people were hunted by Noriega and how people were dumped in the creek and how your life was safe. Is there anything lastly you will want to say before you leave?

Primary Witness: What I want to say is that when you go to our town you will see a lot of people there from different background, so there is no problem there. When the people went to our town it was my first time seeing the TRC. So I thank you people for coming.

Ninth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Greenville City Sinoe County
James Tarlue
(Sixth Primary Witness of day two)

The Sixth Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: you are welcome to the TRC Public Hearings, this is the opportunity fro you to tell your story to the people of Sinoe and the people of Liberia.

What is your date of birth?

Primary Witness: 1938 September 10

Where do you live?

Primary Witness: Pratt farm

What care you doing presently?

Primary Witness: Farmer

Primary Witness: During the war during 1990 gen. Noriega came in my town in august 1st by 5 in the evening he told us that we should go on the road for our big man we never know who the big man was coming we did not know who that man was but we were force to go because the soldiers came to us. Then when we were going gen. Noriega ordered us to lay on the ground we were about 75 men and he told his soldiers to open fire on us then the people started shooting about 48 person died then most of us ran away in the bushes then he told the soldiers that they should go and burn the town when they got there they kill on pregnant women and they collected our women and children and took them to Weah's town so that what I know that happen in our town. And we never entered in the town until the war was finished.

Questions from the Commissioners:

Commissioner Dolopei: any of your family members died in this thing?

Primary Witness: Elijah Tarloe and Thomas Tarloe and my father Joe Tarloe.

Commissioner Konneh: when Noriega went to your town, do you know how many people were taken or killed from the town?

Primary Witness: I can count them no, Alexander, Charlie Wally, Joseph, Jacob Wally, Fineboy Tuteh, Agril , Joseph, Tolbert and john Tarloe are those I can remember.

Some people died as a result of the order from Noriega?

Primary Witness: Yes those are the ones I just name

Did the NPFL burn your town?

Primary Witness: They burnt some and carry some of our things.

Commissioner Syllah: where did they carry your family?

Primary Witness: In Weah's town.

Commissioner Coleman: what was the reason they came to your town?

Primary Witness: Because we are Sapo and Krahn we did not do anything to them.

Commissioner Verdier: did Noriega ask your to join him?

Primary Witness: No

He didn't say he had message from one your sons?

Primary Witness: No did not hear that

Commissioner Stewart: did they burn any where in the town?

Primary Witness: Yes

That so-so men they carried on the road?

Primary Witness: That we the men but they killed one woman with big belleh.

Do you know the woman name?

Primary Witness: Her name was Yonday she was married to one Kpelleh man in this town here.

When did all of these things happen?

Primary Witness: Yes on the 1 of august.

How many persons died from that?

Primary Witness: About 48

How was life in the bush?

Primary Witness: I use to eat by going to dig cassava from the farm.

That you alone were in the bush?

Primary Witness: I was there with my little brother was in the bush.

Did you see Noriega entered your town yourself?

Primary Witness: Yes I saw him I used to see him when I was on the ground I used to pass my head on the ground and to look at him.

Did you bury the people that died?

Primary Witness: No they got rotten by their self

So the bones still there now?

Primary Witness: Yes if animal not carried it then it is still there.

Primary Witness: Last word: I wan fro this date for every one of us to be in peace.

Tenth Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Greenville City Sinoe County
Alexander Tarlue
(Seventh Primary Witness of day two)

The Seventh Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: Evening and welcome to the TRC public hearings and for taking up your time to come to the hearings to tell your story to the people of Liberia. After nearly 20 years of fighting the government of Liberia and the International community have decided that we should not allow this to just be left like that, but that we should find a solution to the problem that is why we are appreciating you for coming.

Where do you live?

Primary Witness: I live in Prat Farm

What do you do?

Primary Witness: I am an agriculturist and presently I am teacher presently

What is your date of birth?

Primary Witness: August 15, 1957

Primary Witness: The massacre in Prat Farm took place august 1st 1990 by the NPFL. August 1st 1990 in the evening hour a group of NPFL soldiers surrounded the town and collected us from our various homes, men women and children and lined us up and they said they will carry us on the road there their commander is and we told them not to do anything to us, and they say we will kill you people because you are Krahn and we said we are Sapo people living in Sinoe and they said you are all the same.

After 30 minutes they lined us up and they only remove the pregnant women and the old women. Then they took us on the motor road and after 15 minutes walk the commander came and they lined the men up and the woman and children they put them on the other side of the road and the commander came and say they should open fire on us. For me when the bullet hit my arm I started running in the bush and another bullet him my leg and I managed to get in the bush. After they killed the men, the women and the children they took them to Weah's town and some of them went to burn down the town and in the process a pregnant woman was killed and my mother was shot and the bullet penetrated her shoulder and the baby on her back died instantly. About 50 people got killed that evening. That is what happened August 1st 1990 in Prat Farm.

Questions from the Commissioners:

Chairman: Thank you very much for sharing your experience with and extend our sympathy for the lost of your lost ones. We also beg your indulgence to answer some questions. You said 50 person died is it a real count or an estimate?

Primary Witness: It is a real count; I can even call some of the names.

Is there a list of the people that died?

Primary Witness: Yes there is a list which I have here.

Have the people of Prat Farm done any ceremony for the death of the people?

Primary Witness: No

What is the name of the baby on the back of your mother?

Primary Witness: Effort Tarlue

What is the name of your mother?

Primary Witness: The Late Mary Talue

Commissioner Konneh: have our sympathy for the death of your people and your mother. After that massacre what else NPFL did in your area?

Primary Witness: I can only account for 1990.

Did they do anything to your town, houses and others?

Primary Witness: Yes the house my father built for me and his own was burnt down.

What happened top the women and the children?

Primary Witness: They were taken to weah's town and after certain time they were freed. They were alive and they joined.

Was it just Sapo and Krahn in the Town or mixed?

Primary Witness: It was mostly Sapo

Were they selective?

Primary Witness: For what the rebels said we were Krahn and we were supporters of the late Doe.

Commissioner Syllah: we want to say sorry for the lost of your people. Were you able to get any assistance, how did you survive?

Primary Witness: Luckily for me the bullet enter me and went out so I was treated with hot water. My bones were not broken.

Was there any medicine used?

Primary Witness: No there was no medicine

What about your leg?

Primary Witness: Nothing happened to my leg.

Commissioner Coleman: what was life like before 1990?

Primary Witness: Before then the town was lively and very pack. Things were fine with us before the war.

So there was no complain from the people about the government at the time?

Primary Witness: Well there was no problem because nobody was working with the government from the town.

Was there no complain about the government been ruthless?

Primary Witness: Well I did not hear that.

What are some so the stories brought by the women and the children?

Primary Witness: They said they were placed in jail and the girls children were brought to Greenville to love to the rebels at the time.

Was there any rape?

Primary Witness: Well Commissioner if rebels take people in that condition you should expect such things to happen.

Commissioner Dolopei: Mr. Tarlue I want to say sorry for what happened and to join you to tell God thanks for what he has done for you. You were there and you did not die so you are talking for the 50 people who died that day. When people hear this story they know that war is not good so when we hear that war is somewhere we will not want it to come again so we want to say thanks for coming.

Commissioner Stewart: let me join my colleagues to say sorry. You told us earlier that since the massacre this issue has not been brought to closure and no ceremony to commemorate the death of the people, I will like to ask if there is any intention and if so how would you like to commemorate the death of these people?

Primary Witness: Commissioner for me I would like for monument to be built there so that the names of these innocent people can be written on it, so that they will be remembered.

Chairman: thank you again and we are taking your suggestion to memorialize what has happened so that those who died their blood will not go in vain. Any last word?

Primary Witness: Since the war there was a government and since the war there is no school and the children are there rooming about and no school for them.

Commissioner Dolopei: is the building still there or broken down?

Primary Witness: Yes it has been broken down.

What was the name of the school?

Primary Witness: Charles Weah memorial school

What is the age range of the children in the town now?

Primary Witness: From 15 down though we have bigger children but they are few and some of them arte bugger if hey have the intention they will go back to school, so we want elementary and junior high.

Eleventh Primary Witnesses of the TRC Public Hearings in
Zwedru City, Grand Gedeh County
Ophelia Roberts
(Eighth Primary Witness of day two)

The Eighth Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and she was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: welcome to the TRC public hearings and for taking up your time to come to the hearings to tell your story to the people of Liberia, Sinoe County and the Commissioners of the TRC.

Where do you live?

Primary Witness: Juason

When were you born?

Primary Witness: 1981

Primary Witness: 1990 I was small everybody ran away and went in the bush the rebel then say your come back ULIMO in that bush then when we come home now they had one big fence the put everyone there the man then had their own jail and the women had jail house the rape the girls then one of them say I must come then I
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