Monrovia: Day 3

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The third day of the TRC Public Hearings Proceedings held on Thursday January 10, 2008 at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion. The Hearings session started with the Commissioners of the TRC being ushered into their seats followed by a welcome remarks form the Chairman of the TRC Cllr. Jerome Verdier, who then called on the Hearings Officer Pastor John Teayah to invite the first Primary Witness: to give her testimony.

Eighth Primary Witness of the TRC Public Hearings Beatrice Tuazama (First Primary Witness of day three)

The first Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and she was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman TRC: madam, good morning, you are welcome to the TRC Public to come and tell what happened to you. The Commissioners are here to listen to you, so you should say the truth as it happened to you.

Primary Witness: I say the time this war happened I was staying with Mandingo man to our home, near Qugbona- Mianhplay [right after Bahn]. The time the war came, me, I na know, we were in the farm, the time I come all by people na go, so me and my husband we slept till day break. I go look for my people then my people say go with your husband the place your will go until the war finish. So we say ok! We started going back. The place we were going Mandingo people were there plenty and people say he[my husband] must not go there with me so we go back, war meet us there. The time war meet us then my husband carry me and we slept in the bush. But people were still shooting we were going and we reach in one village. So the people we met there the said we should to Zoegeh. But some people said we should go with them. When we go there they said we should sit on the ground and when we sat down they started beating us with sticks on our heads. They took or our clothes they started beating us.

My part of beating they say why I had to stay with Mandingo people. I say I don't know that war coming and that the people can help me and that my husband and they say why I was coming with the man for. I way but that my people say I should go with the man until the war finish, so the started beating me. We went to Guelay, we slept in Guelay two days, the one that make it three, then Zoegueh sent people say your to [for] the people that just entered the town. When they went there in the night, they carry us in the bush, me I na know them, they will just say fine woman lets go you go sleep with me. So after that they say tomorrow your will go to Zoegueh. Day break now in the morning we were sitting so the commando them see us they started asking us and we started explaining. Then the started beating us again with sticks. Then Diago say why I have live with Mandingo people I say but the people I married to any they been helping me. Before I finish explaining that they shoot my hand and it past through my hand and my thigh. Then I drop and go off. So when I come to my self they say O! but the woman na die O, so carry her and go finish her. So the man carry me to the dead bodies he say climb over the dead bodies, then I climb, I say Ah! God what I do, so the boy say alright. Since you say that your go, come down your go. Me, I will not kill you if I kill you your sins will come me because you na do nothing to me. So I started begging god everyday I was begging God.

Me I na know anything about this war, I was sitting in Mianhnplay and the people move us to Zoegeh. This my hand here cut totally it was just hanging so the people they say they must cut it but one man say no your lets tie it so they tie my hand. Zoegueh say this woman was living with Mandingo ma so your carry her and go kill her, so the boys started carry, so I started begging God again. I was begging him. So me and the boy who they were carrying us together, they shot him he died but I was still begging God. So in Mianplay the man say let call some people to come loot after this woman otherwise she will die. I stay there I na die again.

One papay came and put something on my hand. But I could not see anybody I know from the town. My husband or my people one of my children died and the other go with my people. Now, this my hand I can't able to do anything with it, only people can be helping me, my bone can be showing when I start doing work with my hand. That all, that all I get to say.

Questions from the Commissioner

Chairman: Thank you madam witness. We hear everything you said. The commission will ask you few small questions so that we can understand you good. Thank you very much.

Commissioner Bull: Miss Beatrice, I am Commissioner Bull, you say you were married, you and your husband and you say they were beating you because you marry Mandingo man [so] where is your husband?

Primary Witness: The man, the time the shooting come back, I na see him the place he go I na know.

So you separate from him doing the war time?

Primary Witness: yes

What is his name?

Primary Witness: his name [is] Blama Keita.

Did you say the people shoot your hand; they tied your hand, is that waht I heard?

Primary Witness: They shoot my hand this hand was hanging the time we were coming back. Then they take it and tied it here they wanted to cut it, the country doctors then put together to put my hand together.

Da [That] who people do this, you know what group? You know anybody name? The people who shoot, tie and naked you?

Primary Witness: the person who shot, his name John Dagba, the people who tie me I na know them because they were plenty.

Commissioner Stewart: Do you remember the name of the overall commander who was in the area.

Primary Witness: the name I hear they say your let go to Zoegueh.

Is he still alive? He still living?

Primary Witness: I na know, because the time they carry me there I wor [was] not to myself, I only hear his name.

So if the man is living he come in front of you, you will not know him?

Primary Witness: when they call his name I will say that him.

Commissioner Washington: you say they shoot you on your hand, you show us you hand; you said they shot on your knee too?

Primary Witness: they shoot me in my hand and the bullet pass in my thigh and all.

The place the mark is, you think we can see it. Is it way up?

Primary Witness: here is it here.

In your statement you also mentioned that the 4yr old girl head was push to a sharp stick or rock what happen to the 4yr old girl?

Primary Witness: the girl what with me ran way but that my friend baby they killed.

Commissioner Kula: are there other names you can remember that did those things to you?

Primary Witness: I don't know the people before, only Zoegueh name I hear.

Commissioner Konned: We say you must that God that you live to tell the story. Who were those people that were shooting when they came to the town? Were they government soldier or NPFL?

Primary Witness: that Charles Taylor groups came in town they started shooting at the people. So the Liberian soldiers that were there all of us started running away.

What is the name of the town this happened?

Primary Witness: I say Guelay between Bahn and Saclepei but not too far form Bahn.

But where you yourself from.

Primary Witness: I from Mianplay behind Bahn, nimba.

Commissioner Syllah: Thanks for sharing your story with us. How long did you and Mr. Keita live together before the war?

Primary Witness: Six (6) years.

Do you have children by Mr. Keita.

Primary Witness: No, I have my children father.

You said plenty people died and you saw plenty dead bodies can you say how many people they were?

Primary Witness: I na check them, myself I looking for my living, I was running, then I will be checking people.

Ninth Primary Witness of the TRC Public Hearings Augustine Soapay (Second Primary Witness of day three)

The second Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and he was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman: What is your name?

Primary Witness: I am Augustine S. Soapay.

Chairman: Are you employed?

Primary Witness: No.

Chairman: Are resident of Monrovia?

Primary Witness: Yes I live Gardnerville, along the Somalia drive.

Chairman: Thanks for coming, this is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the nine Commissioners are all present. We are all here to hear your story. You have to pull forward and give us your story of what you have experienced during the conflict. And we ask you now to narrate the details of that as precisely as you can. The basic remains that all you say will be the truth and nothing but the truth. You know, you have already sworn an Oath. Once you have taken Oaths, you speak the truth, under our laws, its wrong; it's a crime to speak lies. So, you are welcome. Please take your seat.

Primary Witness: Uuh.....1994, you know for me, I came up in the Interior .I live most of my life.....I spent most of my life in the Interior. 1994. I hail from Sinoe County.1994, a faction enter Sinoe called the LPC. Throughout my life the only thing I knew was the Single Barrel Gun that my nephew use for hunting. He used to go in the bush to hunt animals and bring them for meals. So that's what I am use to. 1994, LPC enter with automatic machine guns. When we heard about the incident, you know, they entered from Greenville while is the capital city of Sinoe. When we heard about the war, we left the town and went to the forest; we were starting to move on. So, there we were making farms. 1994, 1995, they left the capital city with the intention of taking over of the entire Sinoe. So they left the city and went certain part of Kpanyeah called Chilapo. This town is where I came from, where I was born. When they enter the town, they stayed for a week before they decided to do a kind of thing called the Belly Attack. So, they started going from village to village, town to town, collecting people and killing them. It was in March, 1995, we were on the farm planting that morning, we were scratching, when they came on the farm and arrested us. And within that time my nephew had his single barrel, they said we were fighter s. we told them we were not fighters but hunters .They said no. At that time, my uncle and his wife were together and they say they'll kill us. My uncle started pleading, he begged, and they set us free. He was a pastor of the Liberian Christian Assembly. He and his wife put their neck cross on the table for us. The other men, were headed by on e black cat fellow. I don't really know their names, they were using war names. But heading them, they had Kanta Shargbe, they had Eyan Quai, and these were the names they were using. They came, after my uncle talked to them, they decided to kill him along with his wife. So he told them, he said, me, I'm a pastor, before you kill me, let me pray. He prayed, after praying, he went for a stick and put his head on it and they cut it off with a cutlass. They called his wife and cut her head off and send for the body and cut it into pieces. They called me to count .You know, anytime we kill the animals, we cut them into five, five dollars. So they called me to count to know how much it will cost if they want to sell it. So I counted the pieces up to 500 L dollars. So we left, they took us from the village in which we were residing they took us from there, they carry us to bigger town called Nepay. From there, they took us to one company yard called BTC. When we got to BTC, the commander said he wasn't satisfied with my nephew, who had the single barrel, he's David. They said that he's a fighter and the little boy with him is a small soldier .So they tie him along with me and carried us beyond the company manager's house way behind BTC. There they beheaded my brother and brought his head and give it to me and say I should tot it. And they said the next person will be me. And then when we reach Greenville, we met with other top Officers of the faction. And I could recognize Thei Quiyeah, the brother of
Oscar Quiah.

I was there, out of a sudden, they decided to release me along with the rest of the people that they had captured. From there, anytime they decided to go on the war front, they are not begging you, you either go, or they kill you. We go along with them so that we can give them bye -passes to see how best they can make their attacks. I can assure you, in my own town, my biological town, I was there, carrying arms and ammunitions, giving bullets to somebody to launch in my own town where my mom and dad reside. I was there giving them arms. And from there, the war continued. It's like people from the NPFL used to pass some where around the river, behind Sinoe to the Grebo setting. It came a time that it was like they found out that they were the people attacking LPC. So, they used us as opportunity to attack. We left Greenville and when to Kpanyeah. We stayed there for three months. So, they attack. We use to go from place to place. If they asked you anything and you lie to them, you lie to Kanta Shargbe, you lie to Thei Quiyeah, you lie to Black Cat, it means your heard is off. We had to tell them where which town and which way the road was going. You had to tell them, when you carry them, what will be the final result. So we were being use to go form village to village collecting people. I can record, when we reach a place, which was 175 persons they slaughter including my nephew and other relative of mine. At that time we use to sing a kind of song in Khran, meaning; the guns are sounding and we are here to revenge. That is the song. When we are singing it, we had somebody to make sure we were on course. We will continue until about five. We decided to extend all the way to Greenville. There, there is this leave you can use and rub some over your body. Then when we use the leaves, we pass somewhere around Gkpelepo. Travel through forest, travel through rivers and streams. When we got to Gkpelepo, they started attacking from Gkpelepo to come back to Greenville. I can record when we went to a town called Khweaken, from which they capture a lot of people. And they decided to sift them and see who all can carry guns. If you can carry guns, they will kill you right there. So there were many that were strong. There was this pregnant woman, who was also strong. That time, we use to carry them arms and ammunitions from that town all the way to Sinoe. At that time there was no good roads, the bush roads were all spoilt. So we were walking by line. Then from there, we reach somewhere around Kpanyeah. Kpanyeah is a river, they name the district after that river. And we stop. It was like we travel through then enemy zone, and when we pass and reach a clear area, they left behind and we were in front going to Greenville.

Some where around Kpanyeah, they called it Gbosei. We travel almost a week no food. A little girl, she said she was hungry. Her eyes were turning and she fell off. So I went to river kpanyeah to get drinking water for her. Upon my return, I met her dead. They say she had died. And with in that time Black Cat along with some fighters met us. They met us, they say what happen? And I said oh! This woman said she wanted to drink, so I went to the creek to get water. They said war fighting, then you looking for woman, you think that woman business we here for? In fact self, you want to get marry, you will marry her. I was a little bit confused. I never knew if I should just confess. And they say I should just have sex. So I was taking it for fun, but those men give me warning shot, right there, when I heard the shot, I just when down and the others too begin to bend down. When they catch you, they decide to kill you. So, when I heard the second one was coming. So I was forced to have sex with the dead body. We left, we when to Greenville, at the time, we walk almost the whole southeast, we went through Grand Kru, and we saw now body. One or two of Taylor fighters we saw, but they were not really in control so, we when through. Then, we rested in an area of LPC. They use to go and fight. About 4 to 5 Generals will give you days to find them gold. If the gold is not completed with in the coast of time, you are a dead body. They are not begging you. For me, two hours, I was in the house, in Dyvea, there's a river there, so I was bringing other people to find their homes. I was sick and suffering from Rheumatism, because I stay a lot of time, could you imagine three years in water. Everyday, they are not begging you, you have to go. This continued up to 1997. It was with LPC, especially carrying guns for Black Cat. When we left my uncle after praying, he said he was going to take care of me. So I believe it was my uncle's prayer was working for me. At the gold mine, they still have a table, you had to go and carry arms, put it on your back and then we go. So it came a time, I really wanted to hold the arm. But when they look at me, they said, that his people we are fighting, so no need to give the man gun. So, I was not given arm. But honestly, I wanted for them to give me arms, fight for few days and then I find my way.

But honestly, I was really suffering. This continued, from there, I was sent to carry arms for them. They give you days to find arms; they give you days to find bullets. And if you don't find it, you are a dead body. It's like anytime we go for attack, we had to be there to give arms. So people of my town saw me as a LPC fighter. Because when we go on the war front, they can see me. 1997, when the war finished, ECOMOG at the time, they enter Greenville and that how I was set free. When I went back home, people used to called me LPC fighter. So, I was forced to leave Sinoe County to come to Monrovia. As I speak, there's a problem with Sinoe people. As we speak, there's certain part of Sinoe, there half Khran half Kru, Cahei and Chilapo. This is then war, when they enter your town, they will kill your entire town .be it arm man or not once LPC enter they slaughter. Once NPFL enter they slaughter. I will like to make few recommendations to the TRC. There is a need for you people to go to Sinoe, called the Kru man, call the Khran man call the Chilaypo man and make peace. That is the only way Sinoe will come back and be as a County it was before. Thank you. God bless u and save our nation.

Questions from the commissioners

Chairman: thank you very much we admire your courage and relaxed posture you showed through out your testimony. We also understand the trauma you went through. I would just want to ask you, you spent a lot of time with these fighters tooting arms and ammunitions are you in the postiionn to identify some of the ammunication you saw during that period?

Primary Witness: yes, I carry ammunition in a kind of case called sardine in each you had 8 pieces of magazines and each magazine, some has 32 to 38 rounds depending on the kind of magazine. They will give you three to carry it. You go with them. While fighting when the magazine finish then they send it to you, you fill it and send it back to them. And for me I was carrying RPG rockets. When they launching it I have to crawl on my kneels to carry the other one for him to insert it into the gun itself. Presently, people have problem with me because my ears at time there are lots of wax in my ears and like I can't hear good. People say I can be playing fun.

Commissioner Stewart: are you aware, may be as to whether any other hierarchy of the LPC aware of what was going on.

Primary Witness: there was no one to complain to. Who you will complaint to, when you complain is like adding insult to injury. In fact they had a law on the war front there was no General on the front, everybody for themselves until your return.

Commissioner Washington: you refer to Mr. Ted Quyah as the brother of Oscar Quyah, is that the same Oscar Quyah who is suppose to be a politician.

Primary Witness: yes.

Just for the sake of clarify again this chief for staff of the LPC is Oscar Quyah's brother.

Primary Witness: those people and myself have a common boundary. I know the entire family.

And Oscar Quyah took part in some of these activities?

Primary Witness: yes, he took pat. In fact I want to believe that the Oscar he gave, was directly executed by the fighters. There was a point in time when one soldier died on the front, 12 persons were killed in the town because according to them it was the town people who played witch for the soldier to die. If one soldier dies on the front 12 person in the town will be killed. Certain time came, around 2002 Black Cat and myself use to meet on Broad Street and we chat. Anytime they were calling people to kill them Black Cat will called me back.

You said you know Ted Quyah and his whole family how do you feel now giving your open testimonies?

Primary Witness: what I wanted honestly is if Ted Quyah is around to come now to come and say something he did in the past.

Commissioner Coleman: all what you went through, what age were you at the time?

Primary Witness: I was 16yrs going to 17 and the incident was round 1994.

Can you identify the site where you said LPC carried out the massacre?

Primary Witness: yes, I can identify the site, of course yes.

Commissioner Dolopei: with the length of time you spend with those people can you recognize any of them.

Primary Witness: yes, prior to 2003 war they had one Stephen Jallah who was a medic for the forces. He used country herbs to draw the bullet from the person. Stephen Jallah and myself was together I don't know the whereabouts of Qunata Sehgbeh. They had Black Cat who I know they had Payran, they had one Sea-never-dry, when you go Sinoe and call that name, people know who he is.

Commissioner Kullah: were you actually recruited and trained by the LPC?

Primary Witness: No, I did not go through any formal training but usually when they were going on the front there was a small zoe room where every fighter will go and they will prepare a green like water. You drink the water and waste it on yourself and give something that bullets will not do anything to you. Until you come back you not taking bath.

Did you take part in any of these things?

Primary Witness: Yes, I drink a lot of those a kind of water, plenty.

When did you leave from that area?

Primary Witness: I left that area in 1997 and I have not gone back there yet.

You said who was the second in command again?

Primary Witness: Qunata Sehgbeh was the 2nd in command.

Commissioner Konneh: could you tell the commissioner what were other atrocities committed against other families beside that of yours?

Primary Witness: they had a gate called God-bless-you gate even when you going for food stuff and you pass that gate is by the grace. We were there a pregnancy woman came. And started arguing as the sex of the child the woman was carrying. One say man while the other said woman. They had one 50-50 and Agent Tanu. They stared arguing and they said they must give a test to see who wins. This black lady was laid down and the stomach opened up and took the child out but you could not even recognize the sex because the child [embryo] still had tail and they said they were putting the child back and sew her stomach.

Commissioner Syllah: how long did you spend with this group?

Primary Witness: they took me 1995 and I left from there 1997

Can you remember the person who beheaded member of your family?

Primary Witness: the fellow who did the act is one Robert Sonpon. He and us share command border, you can pass through his village to reach our town.

Chairman: thank you for your story as this will contribute to the healing process of our country.

Tenth Primary Witness of the TRC Public Hearings Gladice Arthur
(Third Primary Witness of day three)

The third Primary Witness of the day was called to the stand and she was accompanied by the psychosocial officer and the protections officer of the TRC. The Primary Witness was then sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth by the TRC Hearings Officer.

Chairman TRC: You came to the TRC sometime ago and now you are here to share your experience to every Liberian, please feel free. Here is the entire commission. I am the chairman and the rest of other eight commissioners. Take your time and speak the truth all of the commissioners are here and you have our ears.

Primary Witness: I went to the TRC to launch my complaint concerning a man who killed my mother during 1990. His name is Nmango Miller. He killed my mother 1990 because of the money he saw with my mother, because my father was the paymaster of the Flamingo Logging Company. But because the war was coming he ran away and left the money with my mother. So while there when the rebel took over the area, my mother put some of the money in the waist bag and put it on my waist. As a child I was very slim. While playing with the other play with the other children the ground we were not even paying attention we were doing our different thing. He saw the waist bag on my waist and asked me what is on your waist and I said that my ma business money. He said where is your ma? I said she is to the house. So I pointed to my mother place and he took me there then he put me outside and asked my ma to give the money. So my mother was afraid she took the money and give it to him after she gave the money he said you can not wound a lion and let it go that word left in my ears till today so my mother ask him why, so he said she should to kill we the children and let her , so my mother said she can't do it, so he said since you can't do it I will keep you for three days until you agree to one of them, either I kill you or I kill the children. So he kept us for three days on the estate right on the road right side double bridge the estate that there. When he kept us there for three day, after the three day he came back and asked my mother what she decide and my mother told him that kill me and let my children go. But before then he said in fact I will kill you not the children so my mother said no these children are not for me they are for one Lorpu, ask the big little girl she will tell you what her mother name is. By the time she has already told me what to say, that I say that she is not my mother. So that he will kill her and let us to go. So I can take care of my little brothers so I agree to it. She said if they doing anything to her I should not cry, I was the older person at that time I was 12 years. So the only thing I could do I move my mind to all they were doing to her and just focus on my brothers just like we were playing while they were killing my mother. The never kill my mother with gun they kill her with knife so that they can see if she is my mother or not. But I hold my heart I did not pay attention to what they were doing and I did not cry. All she was doing was blessing my brothers and myself. After he finished killing my mother, he left us there in the estate. The estate was where his boys were stopping and he went to his house in Coca-Cola factory. After three days again he came back, when he came back he said oh! Since no body taking these children I taking the big one among them to my house and the little brothers he share my brothers with his body guard them, but I na know they were body guard or body girls. So he gave my two brothers, Mark and Paul to them. He gave Paul to one Grace and Mark to Kumah. So 1991 he took me and the other children who were living with him because we were many, Linda, Watsin, one Tualy and Zoe and the other children. But I forgetting some of them name, so every one of use were living with him in Kakata. When we were in Kakata, he used to beat us every day, but we knew it because he was not our parent. We never had time. All the children we were about 25 in number, we stayed with Nmango all that long. 1991 January 1st , he called me in the living room and say that he sorry for killing my mother I say oh so you sorry for killing my mother, he said yes because I want for you be my wife when you get big. So you kill my mother then you say I must be your wife, I say I can't do it so he said since you know too much I will kill you. Then one of his women he had they called Rebecca Sayeh, she used to like me among all the children. So any time when he tried to do anything around me she will take me and run away with me and go hide me somewhere so we used to be on it. Anytime he planed to say I will kill this girl, then she will go and hide me. We were there all that long till 1992 December he told Rebecca that he carrying me in the market to go buy me something. He carried me to the place the soldier used to be. He carried me side and told his two bodyguard that no body shouldn't go in and nobody shouldn't' come out. When he carried me inside he said I should undress myself and when I refuse he took up his arm and said I don't do it he will kill me that is how he raped me that day and told me that if I tell his women that he did certain to me he will kill me. SO FROM that day I became sad in the house I could not play anymore because I decided not to play or do anything again in that house because I was afraid. From that stage I decided to run away from Nmango and his entire group but any time I make attempt he will catch me and do so many things to me. So myself I say they will forget about me before I run away. 1993, while Nmango and his women were going on the farm by that time everyone of us used to go on the farm. I told them that I was going back to take something from the house. As soon I was gonging back it just came to my mind and I just got on the bridge I started running. I walked from behind Bahn all the way to Saclepei. I was in the bush walking fro three days. I couldn't get on the road, because anytime I make attempt to get on the road I will see their pickup coming then I will go back in the bush. I reach Saclepei by six in the evening. I talked to some other people them and they gave place to sleep. That night I wanted to sleep there but I saw a truck coming. So I beg the woman who gave me place to sleep she added some money on the money I had in my pocket. I went and paid the driver for the driver to carry me in Ganta so the driver. So while going we reach to a gate they say someone was running away they say they will search the truck, the driver was so afraid that she push me under the tapeline in the corner and cover me. After he cover me up for some time the check, check, check they couldn't find me. After that they cover it back. Because the carry my photo along and my name to search for me. After that everyone in the truck started teasing me they started playing with me. When I came explain the story to my father and he said if I know where the man is I said yes I know where he is staying, I went there. I talked with him but he say he can't give me the children until I give him some money. So my father said ok, lets go there you and myself when we were going we carry some people with us, he admitted in front the people that yes of course I killed her mother but I can't just release the boys like that she have to give me something. So my father decided for us to go to Save the Children, when we went to Save the Children people came in and decide to help us and they help us we got one of the boys because they are twins. But the people that we took Mark from they say we should not tell Nmango that they gave the boy and advise us that we should take our time so that Nmango will give the other boy. Save the Children keep going there with car but Nmango say they should give him the money he himself will go for the boy. So it was 2003 when war was coming my father was afraid he said we should not make too much noise before the people kill us.

So one time I went to my pastor he said but you look sad sometime you look happy and sometime sad, so I explain the story to him, so he say but you get this kind of story you can't explain it to TRC. I said no. especially the man who killed my mother be the same person to rape, I shame of myself I can't tell any body. If you don't talk the truth how will your mother be peaceful in her grave I say but my mother don't have grave but he said even at that. So I look at what he told me for long, I say yes that the true the pastor was telling, so I went to theTRCI met one Mr. Komara, so I explain it to him before he started calling other workers them, Stephen, Sonie and Famata. So they the pastor did well by tell me to come to the TRC. But I am afraid in case I explain it and he harm my brother. So they told me not be scare that nothing will happen and asked if I would be able to come here to say and I said yes. So that what brought me here today to come and tell my story. And that's what Nmango did to me and up to this time he still get my brother and demanding I give him money. But TRC warned me not to go there before he harm me. So I decide not to go there.

Questions from the commissioners

Chairman: thank you very much we will ask you few question. Do you know the name of your brother who is still with the man?

Primary Witness: yes, his name is Paul Arthur.

Is the Nmango man associated with any fighting group?

Primary Witness: yes, he was with the NPFL group of Charles Taylor.

Do you remember where he is currently located?

Primary Witness: yes, he lives in Zinc Camp Parker paint.

Commissioner Syllah: in the community, is he known by that name?

Primary Witness: yes.

Commissioner Sheikh: where did the man met you and your mother and brothers?

Primary Witness: we were in 72nd on the boulevard.

You said your brother is still with Nmango man?

Primary Witness: yes, Nmango still having Paul. We have already taken Mark but he doesn't know that we have Mark.

Is the Paul boy going to school?

Primary Witness: No, mark self was not going to school they were on the farm they were making farm for them.

And since you and your father been going there have you people seen your brother in person?

Primary Witness: No, he don't want to show where Paul is because he keeps asking for the money.

How much money is he asking for?

Primary Witness: he said we should give him 300usd to go for Paul then when he came again we give him another 300usd, so six hundred in all.

Are you prepared if the Commission or relevant government agency decides to go with you to see Nmango?

Primary Witness: yes, I even went thee on the 18th of December but trc people warned me not to go there before he harmed me.

So he raped you, was it one time or?

Primary Witness: it was usual form 1992 up to 1993 before I left.

Did you suffer any injuries or problems?

Primary Witness: yes, before but now I have taken treatment with Benson Clinic.

Commissioner Kula: can you recognize some of those children that were living there?

Primary Witness: No, except for Linda, but she escaped 1991 through Nmango other wife Rebecca. Nmango killed Linda entire family too and doing the same thing to Linda. Her name is Linda Roxsy. But I don't know if she is still in Liberia or out of Liberia.

What about his wife?

Primary Witness: Rebecca is now in Bahn, she is a teacher.

So you think she can prove what you na explain?

Primary Witness: yes, ever the girl who had Mark, she is willing to say the truth.

Commissioner Coleman: you said what was you mother's name?

Primary Witness: my mother name is Aba Arthur.

How old were you at the time of all these trauma?

Primary Witness: I was 12 yrs old. I was borne 1978 April 10.

How did you and your family got separated?

Primary Witness: it was on night. Some fighters came they knock our door they took my father and beat him up and they ask for money so he said he never had money but they should come back after one week the next morning my father said he was going but my mother said we take all the children along so she will stay with the children so he should go and leave us. So that's how my father left and went Sierra Leone.

You said Nmango was from the NPFL group but the people who attack at that time were from which group.

Primary Witness: the first people come were national soldiers for the 72nd barrack.

They came to protect your or to loot?

Primary Witness: they came for money because my father was due to pay people from the company.

So what do you hope of the TRC?

Primary Witness: what I hope now is for me to get my brother back; I don't want him to be hurt because I really promise to take care of them. If one is not around I feel hurt because that's they promise I make to my dead mother.

Commissioner Washington: what I want to say to you is I thing you are the bravest person to come up her today to share you story with us and we want to say that you have nothing to be ashamed of. You have done the right thing. I have few questions for you, is Nmango the right name of the man who did all those things to you or he has other name?

Primary Witness: that's his real name.

Do you know his position in the NPFL at the time?

Primary Witness: He was a special forces because he once told us that he and Taylor them came from Burkina Faso together.

Can you estimate his age?

Primary Witness: I think he will be in his 47 or 50 like that.

Commissioner Stewart: do you know any of Nmango superior officers?

Primary Witness: Nmango was like Benjamin Yeatin. They all fall in the same group. So I couldn't go and tell any of them anything. Because if I did they will harm me or harm my brothers.

Commissioner Bull: I am commissioner Pear Brown Bull. I am not asking you nay question. But you say something about your mother I can see that what she did is truth of a mother. It is no doubt that she gave her life for you people to live and I am reminded of he story of Moses in the bible whose mother abandoned him just for him to live. Thank you for your bravery to come up here to break the silence. Thanks

Commissioner Washington: how old was your brother?

Primary Witness: they were three years because they were borne 1987. They are twins.

Commissioner Syllah: so where is your father?

Primary Witness: my father is in Ghana now he's old. He don't want to be here. Last night he called me that he's afraid if I come to the TRC before that man harm me or my brother them.

Chairman: thank you very much for being courageous to come before us to give you testimony we appreciate it for everything that you said will closely consideration. Do you have any other thing to say to the TRC or the Liberian people?

Primary Witness: I would like to encourage my friends out there especially the firl I mention her let she come and say what happened to her. I really want her to come and talk because she suffered too a lot she is a Grebo by tribe. And also anyone because if you keep anything inside you, you will not fine in spirit so let they come and say the truth.

Chairman: ok, the Commission will retire and we will take recesses for few minutes.

After few minutes the commissioner came back and said through its chairman that the next witness case has to do with a rape case, and a beautiful child was begotten from that incident and the rapist is a public figure currently selling at the Waterside market. As such the hearing will be held in camera.

End of Day Three of the TRC Public Hearings

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